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Surge in COVID 19 Infections Forces Much of Idaho Hospitals to Ration Healthcare

Public health authorities in Idaho say that the State will be forced to enact the crisis standards of care within a few days. Idaho is the most populated in the State. Unvaccinated COVID 19 patients are overrunning hospitals.

Southwestern and southern Idaho will receive authorization to ration their healthcare services. The initiative ensures that the facilities like ICU beds are offered to patients with the most potential to survive.

Surge in COVID 19 Infections Forces Much of Idaho Hospitals to Ration Healthcare

Every week, the region breaks its own record in the matter of COVID 19 infections. In the northern part of the region, hospitals received authorization to ration treatments last week. It happened when one hospital was forced to treat patients in a conference room in the place of a hospital bed.

According to epidemiologists, almost all the metrics see the point in the wrong direction. The State had more than 600 hospitalizations due to COVID 19 on September 11. This is far above the peak of winter. During the time, it was 466. The number of patients requiring ICU and ventilators too is skyrocketing. Unfortunately, a large number among these patients, over 91%, are yet to receive their shots against the virus.

The dangerously transmissible Delta variant of the COVID 19 virus is making more people ill. And those who die the most nowadays are youngsters.

Last year, more than half of the COVID 19-related deaths happened among those above 80 years of age. Today, the same is happening to those in the age range of 50-79. The same is 7% among younger people.

The State is creating new records in the number of infections, hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and those requiring ventilator support. Even then, the rate of COVID 19 vaccination is on the rise. Idaho administered 47000 doses of vaccines in the week of September 5th. This was much lower than 57000 and 67000 of the previous two weeks.

The worrying situation is that even in this situation, certain people oppose vaccine and mask mandates.

Idaho’s Governor has never addressed this concern. It had required that businesses with more than 100 employees should mandate vaccination against COVID 19 for their staff. He even announced that he is discussing ways to approach Court to block President Biden’s recent vaccination plan

The State falls in the group of states with the lowest rate of vaccination in the country. Only 50% of its population is fully vaccinated.

Treating COVID 19 at home

A COVID 19 infection goes on its own. Let a friend or a family member take care of you while ill. You should also arrange conversations from the doorway. Remember to avoid face-to-face meetings. Doing this ensures that you have someone to talk to in the instance you feel anxious or depressed.

If you have a fever

  • Rest as much as possible
  • Drink lots of water

Have any over-the-counter medication if the temperature gets too high. Don’t hesitate to contact your healthcare provider if your attempts fail.

If you have a cough

  • Lie down on your side or sit straight. Lying on your back will worsen cough.
  • If the cough worsens, have a teaspoon of honey. Avoid giving it to infants.

Call your doctor if the cough gets worse.

Avoid going to the pharmacist if you notice symptoms of COVID 19. Do the following in the instance of shortness of breath:

  • Turn down the heat in the room
  • Open the window.

Try to slowly inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. It should be like softly blowing off a candle.

Contact your pharmacist if your attempts fail.

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