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The Surge Of Covid 19 Infections Among The Unvaccinated Has Just Begun, Warn Experts

The Delta variant of Coronavirus is spreading at an alarming pace in the US. This strain is more contagious than all its predecessors. And the situation is sure to grow worse for the country, health officials warn. It happens because a large portion of the US population is still unvaccinated. It is worse in the South than in any other part of the country. And it is going to be the worst for unvaccinated people.

The Surge Of Covid 19 Infections Among The Unvaccinated Has Just Begun, Warn Experts

The rate of vaccination in the Southern States of the country is far below the rest. Health officials are striving to send out the message. In Florida alone, the number of infections has increased three times than that of the last week, as per the data available with the State.

The Surge Of Covid 19 Infections Among The Unvaccinated Has Just Begun, Warn Experts

In Georgia, the number has tripled in a span of two weeks. State officials are urging the residents to get vaccinated at the earliest opportunity. The Delta variant is more contagious than its previous versions, they warn. According to the State Health Commissioner, they can expect the situation to grow worse. Those who have not been vaccinated and those who had avoided the second dose are its easiest targets.

The country is responding to this urgent call. According to CDC, the vaccination drive is gaining momentum. The daily average of those who get vaccinated has gone up, it is over 418,000. This is the highest since July 5th.

By this weekend, 49.5% of the country’s population is fully vaccinated. Almost 33% of the population eligible for vaccination is yet to receive the first dose of the shot.

In the meantime, the mask mandate is coming back in many parts of the country. It is because of the high transmissibility of the Delta variant. Health professionals are now exhorting all the countrymen, irrespective of their vaccination status, to be watchful of their surroundings. Aerosols that contain the virus are capable of travelling like the smoke from a cigarette. If you can smell the smoke from a cigarette, you can breathe someone’s air. That may contain the Delta variant.

Indoor transmission of this variant is a tough challenge, experts observe. Its outdoor transmission too deserves utmost attention. The virus spreads when people spend long hours in close proximity. This situation prompts different cities and States to bring back mask mandates. The cities like Birmingham, New Orleans, and Louisville have announced this Friday that they will bring back the mask mandate. These authorities believe will minimize indoor transmission.

Wearing a mask minimizes the possibility of transmission. But vaccination still remains the only way to eradicate the disease, they say.

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Recently, CDC had updated its guidelines on wearing masks. It recommends that everyone, including those fully vaccinated, should use a face mask indoors in a place where the transmission is high.

Research reveals that the amount of virus the Delta variant produces is similar both in a vaccinated and an unvaccinated person. Even then, real-world data shows that unvaccinated people are easy targets of the disease. They are at higher risk of hospitalization and even death due to coronavirus infection. As the variant is tightening its grip on the country, the number of new infections is rising at an alarming pace.  The weekly average for the country last week was 77,800. It is much higher when compared to the number of infections the country had in June 2021. It was the lowest, 11,299. The number of hospitalizations is on the rise. The country reported over 43,700 coronavirus-related hospitalizations this Wednesday. As per the data available with the Department of Health and Human Services, the lowest was on June 2021, 15,906.

The scenario, according to experts, is going out of control. ICUs are filled almost to their full capacity. The only way out is to vaccinate the entire country, health experts point out.

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