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Surgeon General Says The US As A Whole Needs To Get Vaccinated

The nation needs and is working on vaccination campaigns and currently is allowing vaccines for 16 years of age and above. To end this pandemic, says Vivek Murthy, the Surgeon General, the whole country has to start getting vaccinated, without any hesitancy, pull up sleeves and get your dosage. He also states a list of things to be done 1) Get the vaccine, 2) Ask family and friends if they want to get the vaccine 3) What we’ve got to do if help is needed.  

Surgeon General Says The US As A Whole Needs To Get Vaccinated

More than 132 million people, that’s about 40% of the population in the United States, have received at least one dosage of the vaccine, and about 85 million people, that’s about 26% of the population are completely vaccinated, according to the CDC data reports.   

Surgeon General Says The US As A Whole Needs To Get Vaccinated

Before the new strains of the virus emerge, it is important for the 16 years of age and above to receive their vaccination doses as strain B.1.1.7 is known to be heavily contagious as compared to the previous strain. If the process of vaccination slows down, it gives a better chance for the strains to develop or change their forms. It also gives more time for the variant to spread. This highly contagious variant, B.1.1.7 was first spotted in the UK, as per the CDC.   

Now, as per the health centers, more younger individuals are being treated, unlike ever before. No matter how many vaccines are being administered, the youth is hesitant in getting their vaccine shots. Meanwhile, the new variant is affecting the youth much easily. This pandemic is known to be dragged on if the youth aren’t convinced to receive their shots of vaccine strictly, health experts say. As per 36% of the population under the age of 35, are not planning on ever taking the Covid-19 vaccination. How the virus is currently hitting the younger population is a major concern at this point.   

The majority of the population which are 65 of age and above, have already been exposed to the vaccine hence the cases are all jotting down to the younger population, Dr. Jayne Morgan mentioned, a clinical director of a Covid Task Force in Atlanta. Hospitals say that the younger population has been seen filling up emergency rooms more than any other age group, most of whom haven’t been vaccinated yet.   

As per the J&J vaccines, the US awaits a decision to be made on going ahead with using this particular vaccine to treat Covid-19 or no. As we are aware, lately J&J vaccine has been affecting people, showing blood clots right after receiving the vaccine doses. It was said to pause the usage of this particular vaccine and also came up with another headline saying, most of the vaccines create blood clots. This eventually created fear in people to get their vaccines on time. Although the vaccines are available and millions are being administered, yet so many people aren’t willing to get their doses and fear is becoming a big part of this action.   

Other health officials and Fauci said that the pause of the usage of the J&J vaccine was important for the experts to examine and gather all the important data to help them inform their decision. J&J vaccine was created much different as compared to Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech vaccines. More than 76 million people have been known to be taking their Pfizer, BioNTech, and Moderna vaccines with zero known cases of blood clots linked to either one of them.   

If you have taken your J&J vaccine and are facing any sort of discomfort, please call the helpline Toll Free number 1075.

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