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Symptoms And Risks Surrounding The Covid 19 Virus

There is new evidence suggesting that the factors and symptoms surrounding the case at its peak can predict the duration for which one will suffer from the Coronavirus.  A recent study indicates that the symptoms and degree of risk that is seen in a COVID-19 case in the first week after a contract to get the virus could provide an insight into how long one will have the Coronavirus.

Symptoms And Risks Surrounding The Covid 19 Virus

The study suggests that a patient who shows more than five symptoms of the Coronavirus is likely to suffer the effects of the virus for the “long haul”. Researchers noted that in these cases symptoms of the Covid 19 persist for more than 28 days as per the study reviewed by peers and published in the Journal of Natural Medicine.

Symptoms And Risks Surrounding The Covid 19 Virus

The five symptoms that appear in the first week after contracting the virus and could predict the of the virus are as follows. They are fatigue, headache, hoarse voice, muscle pain, and difficulty breathing. This hypothesis has been backed up by data collected from various sources.

Data was collected by researchers from King’s College London, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Boston Children’s Hospital. The researchers asked patients with Covid 19 from the United Kingdom, United States, and Sweden to report their symptoms they were experiencing. The data was collected by means of a smartphone application from March up to September 2020.

According to the co-author of the study,  Dr. Christina Astley, a physician-scientist at Boston Children’s Hospital, out of all the participants who had symptoms of the virus for over 28 days, “a third of those will have symptoms at 8 weeks and then a third of those at 12 weeks. If you think about it, 1 in 20 people who have COVID-19 will have symptoms lasting 8 weeks or more.” Another complaint was the presence of Anosmia or the loss of smell. 

The study also suggested that women had a higher likelihood of exhibiting symptoms of the Covid 19 virus as compared to men. The probability of symptoms persisting was higher as the age levels increased. However in the opinion of Dr. Michael Wechsler, a pulmonologist at National Jewish Health, “It can happen in any age group, but it’s most alarming to younger people who are otherwise healthy and not used to these symptoms.”

Two patterns were obvious. One group exhibited certain symptoms especially like, fatigue, headache, and upper respiratory issues, such as shortness of breath, sore throat, cough, and loss of smell. The second group that dealt with a different pattern saw symptoms such as multi-system complaints, such as a fever or gastrointestinal symptoms.

Dr. Michael Wechsler, a pulmonologist at National Jewish Health explained that symptoms covered in this study came under a wide range. A specific clinic has been set up to help Covid 19 patients that have been experiencing symptoms for the long haul. 

The study was published only weeks after the chief medical expert Dr. Anthony Fauci called for the launch of an in-depth study on the effect of the virus for the long term. He stated that this type of virus was called Post Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 (PASC). In a White House briefing, he stated, “There are a lot of important questions that are now unanswered that we hope with this series of initiatives we will ultimately answer.”

“A lot of attention has been paid to morbidity and mortality associated with COVID and that drove a lot of modeling and decision making,” said Dr. Astley. “But now that more and more of the population has had exposure and infection with COVID, this more chronic aspect of COVID becomes more important.” 

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