Take This Fact Into Consideration Before Your 2nd Dose

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 24, 2022

COVID vaccination has become a mandate for several countries for prevention against COVID-19. Several places don’t even provide you access to their services if you don’t show your vaccine certificate. 

Take This Fact Into Consideration Before Your 2nd Dose

While vaccines have saved several people from the extremities of COVID, several people have also faced the brunt of vaccine side effects. Severe allergies were noted in people from different parts of the country. A severe breathing allergy known as anaphylaxis is one of the problems caused due to the first dose. In this situation, the airways of the nose get blocked due to swelling which makes it difficult to breathe properly. 

Take This Fact Into Consideration Before Your 2nd Dose

But from time to time several surveys and studies are conducted to prevent these side effects. 

If you have also faced severe side effects of the first dose of COVID, then you should read about this new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine. 

What does the new study say about the effect of 2nd dose on 1st-dose-allergic people?  

A new study has been conducted recently on almost 1300 people who faced side severe allergic side effects due to the first COVID vaccine dose. This new study on the effects of the second dose of vaccine has claimed that those who have suffered side effects due to the first dose are less likely to develop allergies to second doses. This is because the reacting risk of the second dose is discovered to be far lower than the first dose. 

Although several doctors have asked allergic people not to take a second dose, this study says otherwise. When these 1300 people were injected with a second dose, most of them did not develop any allergic reactions. This is why famous Researcher Dr. Matthew Greenhawt who is a reputed pediatrics professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, in Aurora, has given a clean chit to the injecting of the second dose to those who were allergic to the first dose. But he also asked them to take the doses under the supervision of an allergist. 

How was this study conducted?  

To check whether allergic people can take 2nd dose safely or not, Dr. Mathew’s team researched existing studies. Almost twenty-two studies on the effect of COVID vaccines were referred for this study. The sample included more than 1300 people who had a history of allergy from COVID vaccination. 

The scientists then used the meta-analysis technique to consolidate their findings. It can be summarized as follow: 

Mild allergic reactions: 14% of people 

Did not face any severe allergies from the second dose: 99% of the total group. 

The death count was zero in this reaction. 

After becoming satisfied with their observations, the scientists published this research in JAMA Internal Medicine. 

The significance of this discovery

The discovery that a second dose can be given to allergic people also is considered revolutionary in many senses. First of all, the coverage of vaccination would increase. More vaccinated people, fewer chances of transmission of this deadly virus. This research as observed by Prof.  Matthew will help in changing the current vaccination policy and preventing severe allergies due to vaccination. 

Another reason why this discovery holds significance is because of the expertise of Dr. Matthew who is a pioneer in the Vaccination field. He is supervising Northwell Health’s COVID-19 Vaccination Program in New Hyde Park, N.Y. Therefore he has closely worked with COVID-vaccine-allergic people. So his advice will not be bogus talk. 


Vaccination is indeed necessary to safeguard yourself from COVID. But these side effects had put everyone in a dilemma, especially those suffering from severe allergies. But this new study has helped relieve the anxiety of those who were worried about reactions from the second dose. Now you can go ahead and get your “fully vaccinated certificate” without any fear. 

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