5 Tips On Taking Fitness Progress Pictures By Yourself-A Practical Guide!!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 12, 2022

If you are a regular internet user, Fitness Progress Pictures will not be a new topic for you. Taking fitness progress pictures and posting them on social media is nowadays becoming a trend.

Whenever you open up any of your social media accounts, you will surely be hit with a minimum of two or more collage snaps showing someone’s muscle gain, weight loss, or other body transformation.

What Types Of Things Inspire You When It Comes To Fitness?

The post will undoubtedly be followed by a detailed account of their transformation journey that will leave you impressed. Even just scrolling these posts makes you pause and look at these transformations. Sometimes, viewing these transformations makes you mentally prepared for trying out such a physical change that makes you look better.

Taking Fitness Progress Pictures

Everyone enjoys or desires having a flat tummy and fitting into their old jeans. You’ll be motivated by these things to work out and document your progress. So, if you are someone who is planning to step into any transformation programs or are currently under any physical challenges, the rest of this blog could help you know more about the tips on taking fitness progress pictures by yourself. 

Why Take Before And After Pictures?

Taking before and after pictures play an important role in transforming the body to your desired goal. Even though right before you start the transformation process, every detailed measurement of the body fats will be kept recorded. But consider taking before and after snaps helps in keeping track of the progress in a look and is an ideal indicator that really works. The before and after pictures are a big motivating factor that you need to consider for constant support for your continued progress. Later on, taking your progress pictures mark the existence of a new version of yourself. These pictures that mark your progress will definitely let you know where you stood before the fitness process and what changes you have come across in every step you took forward.

What Should I Wear For Progress Pics?

Now, the question that pops up in your mind may be related to the outfit you need to choose for your progress pics, right? The ideal clothing you need to choose for fitting yourself is the sports bra and shorts for women and men, shorts will suit the best.

Wear For Progress Pics

This type of clothing is highly preferred as you aim to show your fat in the picture. Your fat may get deposited in any part of the body, so showing it up, the sportswear is a better option to go with. Wearing it helps you expose all the areas that you need a change. One thing you need to note is that whatever you choose to wear in your before picture, the same should be worn in your after or progress photos. Picking up consistent clothes helps you take accurate pictures that highlight the changes in your transformation journey.

How Do You Take A Perfect Progress Picture Of Yourself?

Taking perfect progress pictures is not something you think is funny. There are various points to keep in mind while you are planning to take a perfect progress picture of yourself. So, let us take a look at each of the factors you need to consider:
✔️ Choose A Plain Background
Whatever space you pick to take your progress picture, make sure that you have cleared the background well. Avoid taking pictures in a space full of clutter. It may not give you a picture that helps you keep motivated. Including much stuff in the background makes distractions that keep the snap out of focus of your goals. So, find a spot in the house where you see is good enough and nothing fills the background. Try choosing a plain wall, in front of a lengthy mirror, etc that really works. 
✔️ Capture Pictures From Multiple Angles
Body transformation is the change that takes place in your overall body and not just in a single part or two. So, Try taking pictures from various angles that cover your complete body. Even if you are focusing on one area of your body to transform, it is always good to take photos from multiple angles. The best possible way is to capture images from the front, both sides, and from behind, which means a 360 view of your whole transforming body.
✔️ Take A Full-body Picture
Your complete body in a single frame helps you notice more changes in a quick look itself. A full body photo is what you need to opt for to track the changes in your body that are happening in all body parts. 
✔️ Don’t Make The Photos Look Dull
Lighting is an important factor when taking clear photographs. If you can’t see yourself in dim light, then there is no use in taking such a progress picture by any means. So, it is better to choose a space where there is enough light that can showcase your changes in the body. If you can’t find a bright natural light indoors, you can even switch on the lights that keep you highlighted without any shadows.
✔️ Be In Perfect Posture
Take photos in a posture where you keep your hands down, stand straight, and face up. Don’t slouch or lean while taking pictures that make it hard to find the changes later in your transformation journey. So, stand up straight with your legs a little widened, and arms loose and kept beside. Your head must be straight and your overall posture should look perfect.

When Should You Take Before And After Pictures?

 Taking pictures daily is not a better option which makes you unlikely to see any differences. Capturing pictures on a weekly basis help you notice some changes. But above all, taking photos every month will be most effective in showing the differences that take place in your body. Add a reminder on your phone choosing a particular day in every month and take a perfect picture of yourself. 

Why Are They So Effective?

Seeing before and after pictures of your body transformation helps you evaluate changes in your body by yourself. This in turn helps you boost your confidence level and motivates you from within to continue your transformation journey to achieve your desired goals. If you see that the effort you put into your transformation works, it gives you more energy to move on. So, taking fitness progress pictures is undoubtedly effective in reminding you that, you are on the right track towards a healthy future. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how important taking fitness progress pictures is and how it will positively affect your transformation journey. There is not even a single downside marked against taking before and after pictures. So, as nothing pulls you back and are filled with a bundle of benefits, you can with no doubt try taking pictures of your transformation journey that aid in boosting results. Give it a try and feel the change!


1. How do you take a picture of your body’s transformation?

If you are set to start your fitness journey, you can take the first picture if you progress on the first day itself. Since you already have set your short-term goals for your fitness plan, it would be ideal to take each picture when you achieve these goals one by one (which usually comes in a fortnight’s gap).

2. Should you take progress pics before or after a workout?

This is a common mistake everyone tends to repeat. Since your workout will not give you any instant results just like applying make-up, avoid doing this since it will not show you any progress, and it can drop your confidence level as well. 

3. How should I pose for progress pictures?

To take the perfect progress picture, it is ideal to wear the same outfit. You can choose any pose that clearly expresses your shape, maintaining a good posture. Try to pose the same way when you take the next pic if you clearly want to see the difference. 

4. What time of day should you take progress pictures?

It doesn’t matter when you take the picture as long as there’s good light in your room. But still, never take photos on an empty stomach or when you are full, since it may affect how your belly looks in the photograph.

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