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Taking France By Storm Is The Covid Pass

At their first dinner in Paris, at a beautiful outside table just on Boulevard Saint-Germain, David Andelman recalls that the server asked for their “port Sanitaire,” or health pass, which was an app that showed evidence of immunization, a negative Covid-19 test, or a history of illness.

Taking France By Storm Is The Covid Pass

He read the QR codes on the iPhones with a tablet, confirmed that they were properly vaccinated against Covid-19, and then quickly brought the food we’d purchased at the counter within, where everyone, including customers and employees, was disguised as if they were not there. 

Taking France By Storm Is The Covid Pass

It seemed like they were jammed together, but nobody really seemed too worried about it. In July, new legislation compels every adult to show a “pass Sanitaire” when entering venues like restaurants, cafés, museums, theatres, and sports stadiums. With the exception of a few protestors on Saturday and Sunday nights, France has welcomed the new regulation enthusiastically. Although President Joe Biden has instructed companies to comply with vaccination requirements, French Emmanuel Macron has effectively implemented vaccine passports for the whole country. The results of my first visit to France since 2008 were clear: the country has benefited by going the additional mile to fulfill EU Commissioner Ursula Von der Leyen’s call for Europe to take measures now to prevent “an epidemic of the unvaccinated.”

France’s statistics convey a significant portion of the tale. According to official statistics, the first vaccination dosage has been obtained by 74 percent of the French population, and 64 percent have got both vaccine doses. On Wednesday, the TousAntiCovid app, a government-sponsored app that monitors Covid-19 statistics in France, reported that 81.7 percent of all French individuals over the age of 12 had gotten the vaccination, according to the data.

All French health professionals will be required to have gotten at least the first dosage of the vaccine starting on Wednesday in order to continue their jobs. Their arrival in France brings them into close proximity to members of the military and firemen, all of whom must be vaccinated or face being “evaluated as unsuitable for their job.” In addition to this, everyone on the street seems to be in compliance with the mask regulations that were implemented in Paris almost three weeks ago. It appears that every bus or subway customer, every TGV train passenger, every Uber or rather a taxi driver, every shopper, and indeed virtually everyone inside any construction, has been diligently donning their masks since the attack on the TGV train station in Saint-Pierre-des-Corps in what is recognized as “deep France,”

This strategy has proven to be so successful that President Macron started talking about removing the passed Sanitaire restrictions in areas where the “virus is spreading less rapidly” on Thursday, a day after the plan was announced. Late last year, surveys revealed that France had the lowest proportion of individuals who expressed a desire to get vaccinated, with figures that trailed even the United States in this regard. Only 40 percent of French people indicated any intention of being vaccinated, according to a recent survey. However, this is no longer true.

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