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Tech Giant Facebook Brings Up New Features To Help People With Vaccines

Facebook has rolled out a bunch of some new tools on the platforms that aid people in getting vaccinated against the Covid-19 disease.

The tech giant that owns WhatsApp and Instagram has announced on Monday that it will be using all the platforms that will assist users in knowing more about these Covid-19 vaccines. The information would be including when and where they will be getting vaccinated.

Tech Giant Facebook Brings Up New Features To Help People With Vaccines

Since now, most of the countries are stepping towards vaccinating all adults; we are also working on these tools, making it quite easier for people to get vaccinated. The CEO said this of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. He wrote these prepared remarks in a post on Monday on his social media platform.

Tech Giant Facebook Brings Up New Features To Help People With Vaccines

At first, we will be launching a tool that shows an individual where and when and they would be getting vaccinated. That post will also give the people a link to make an appointment, as Zuckerberg wrote in the post. There will be a Covid Information Center available that will show the people the correct information in the News Feed.

There will also be Covid Information Center on Instagram, which Zuckerberg said the company would be showing to the people prominently on Instagram’s platform.

Zuckerberg added that the company would also be working with various governments and health authorities to expand their WhatsApp chatbots in helping the people register for Covid-19 vaccines.

How can people find vaccines through Facebook?

For helping people in finding vaccines, Facebook has teamed up with the Boston Children’s Hospital for launching the locator tool in the U.S. This tool will be connecting all Facebook users with the place where they can access vaccines nearby; after hours of working with various vaccination sites, their contact information and other links for making an appointment would be available.

The social media platform will also be providing a search option in the app of Facebook. If a person types in the search box such as ‘Covid-19 vaccine’ or  ‘Covid-19’. This would bring the Covid-19 Information Center information on Facebook. In this information, there will be a tool from which a person can search for the vaccination sites near them, as told by Facebook’s head of health, Kang-Xing Jin, told on Sunday.

This vaccine finder tool is quite similar to some kind of blood donation feature, which Facebook launched in 2019. It aids the users in finding various places for donating blood near their area. They will also be notified if any nearby blood donation centre needs any specific blood group, as said by Jin.

Partners of Facebook in the U.S. have seen an increase of 19% in its first-time blood donors across the nation, Jin added. So they are hoping to help people and the health sector by helping everyone with a vaccine rollout.

This location tool for the Covid-19 vaccine comes from the CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They had named it Prevention’s Vaccine Finder, which is a web-based system for vaccination providers. Although the U.S. is the only country that has this unique tool, Facebook is planning to use this tool worldwide. This will expand its support to many countries in need, and the tool will be supporting around 71 different languages for different countries. 

As of now, this Covid-19 Information Center was introduced to Instagram as well; It will be including lots of information with some common FAQs about various vaccines, as said by Jin. All this information will be made available from today.

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