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Teen Dies Of Rare COVID-Related Condition In California

A 15-year-old boy named Braden Wilson dies from a rare condition that is related to COVID-19 at Simi Valley, California.

The boy died on January 5 after having a cardiac arrest, due to an inflammatory condition called MIS-C, which is associated with younger people who get contracted with the coronavirus. 

Teen Dies Of Rare COVID-Related Condition In California

The condition, Multisystem inflammatory syndrome, rarely affects children who get infected with COVID-19. A massive inflammation throughout the body is the major symptom of this condition, which eventually may lead to organ failure.   

Teen Dies Of Rare COVID-Related Condition In California

In Los Angeles county only, at least 45 young people had this condition, and among which two have died by the present.  

Wilson’s mother was also tested positive for the coronavirus and on her way to recovery, but not doing so well with her emotions. 

After his death, his family has been urging the public to take the deadly virus seriously and said that their son was kind and actively involved with theater, video production, and choir. 

The Santa Susana High School student Wilson was infected with the virus two weeks ago. His aunt said that he was having an organ failure, even though he was really vigilant entirely during the pandemic. 

However, he became the victim of the pandemic as he had some inevitable appointments for weeks in hospitals due to complications from an unrelated surgery.

Apparently, he got tested positive for COVID-19. He was transferred into Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, but within days of his hospitalization, he got defeated by the coronavirus and died. 

On Jan. 2, he had trouble breathing, so that his family called 911 and later was brought to the hospital. In his family, Wilson was the only child and his family is heartbroken after hearing about his death.

 His aunt added that the condition is very real and people should stop and think about it. To consider others even it can be an inconvenience to follow safety measures.  

Another aunt of Wilson said that he had multiple complications due to COVID-19, the inflammation had spread to his heart, lungs, kidneys and all of them began to shut down.

It was later found out the reason for organ failure as MIS-C. By the end of the first week of January, the Centers for Disease Control had reported 1,659 cases of this rare condition. Among them, 26 cases resulted in deaths.

 In a letter, Wilson’s mother wrote that it is too miserable, as the days for adventures in the earth on her side have drained quickly, but her son’s grace, joy, kindness, and beauty will remain forever.

Both of his aunts had set up a GoFundMe page to offset the unexpected expenses of his funeral as well as medical costs.

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