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Teen Who Got Hospitalized Demand Vaccine Shot

The news that we hear every day from around the globe relating to the Covid-19 virus is very disturbing. There are people still out there who need ventilator support because they contracted the virus. One such situation has taken place in Florida where a teenager had to spend 11 dreadful days on the ventilator.

The teen had contracted the virus and was gasping for oxygen when she came to the hospital as an emergency case. There was nothing that the doctors could do but to put her up on ventilator support which would let her breathe.

Teen Who Got Hospitalized Demand Vaccine Shot

In the previous, equally horrific wave of the Covid-19 disease, the age group above 50 was in dire need of ventilator support. But in this recent variant wave of the Covid-19 disease, there have been more patients from the young age group. This situation is very much concerning because the vaccines can still not be administered to people belonging to the younger age group.

Teen Who Got Hospitalized Demand Vaccine Shot

The Florida teen who just spent 11 long days on the ventilator support fighting for her life from the virus has given out a strong message for each and every resident of the United States of America. She says that if anyone is capable and eligible of taking the vaccine they should not do a delay the same.

The teen also added that she is willing to be administered the vaccine shot as soon as her doctors tell her to. The teen is named Paulina and she is just fifteen years of age. She was adamant to take the vaccine shot in the summer months but that plan was not successful.

After a few days, she had a runny nose and her throat hurt because of all the soreness. She had a high temperature and gradually breathing became very hard for her.

She was brought down to the hospital on July 11 she was diagnosed with Covid positive. She is a high school girl who was struggling to breathe and was on the support of an artificial breathing machine in Fort Lauderdale hospital for over a week.

After spending so much time plugged into so many machines when now she has finally recovered she shares her experience being a covid patient. She says that she was very scared to see herself struggle to do a basic thing which is normally very effortless.

Her oxygen levels were very low and because of that, the doctors had to immediately put her on ventilator support. She also added that this was the most scared she had felt in her entire life. Her mother was also very scared to see her daughter in such a situation. Initially, she did not want her daughter to be in that stage but the doctors advised otherwise.

They said that her situation could get worse and it was the only reason her mother agreed to the machinery support for breathing.

The severity of the disease was very much evident in Paulina’s condition as she had to be put under a medically induced coma because of her pneumonia. The mother decided to stay with Paulina throughout the whole process and because of the infectious nature of the disease, she was forbidden from coming out of the room.

The doctor said that Paulina healed quickly because she is young, and a very healthy child, and all these conditions were in favor of the recovery process. Vaccines are the only way to protect ourselves from the bad effects of the virus.

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