Teenage Childbirth Rate Are Increasing- Why It Is So Dangerous?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 10, 2022

A recent survey in the country of the United States of America has revealed that it has the highest teen birth rates, and this is something that it should not be proud of. A lot of improvement has been made to spread awareness about the dangers of young childbirth, but despite that, there is no sign of relief that can be obtained by the country so far.

In addition, the situation has been made worse by the judgment passed in Roe’s case. v. Wade, which has made abortions illegal. As a result, the rate of teenage childbirth in the United States of America has increased from 22.6 per 1000 to 28 in 15 years. 

This is the highest growth rate in the childbirth rate reported so far. This is shocking, as per the report that the University of Texas has published. According to this report, the average age of a woman in which she should carry a baby is probably above the age of 22 years. Before that, it is not at all healthy for a young girl in her puberty to carry a baby in her body because this can be very dangerous and even fatal for her. Many experiments have proved this, and much has been reported concerning these incidents. 

What Are The Reasons? 

Teenagers usually have a lot of sex before the age of 20 in the country of the United States of America without protection, due to which the chances of pregnancy are very high.

Since the country has taken away the right to abortion from women, it has become practically impossible to get rid of pregnancy because pregnancy abortion pills cannot be taken before a certain age. 

Teenage Childbirth Rate Are Increasing- Why It Is So Dangerous

These situations always result in childbirth, and childbirth before a certain age is not prescribed because it can also take a toll on the individual’s life. Even if the mother survives the delivery, many complications develop inside her body, making it difficult for her to live a healthy life and even conceive again. The amount of pain and energy required to give birth to a child is not available in a young teenager. 

It becomes difficult to recover even after a successful childbirth. A lot of patience is required, and the woman has to be subjected to a lot of treatment so that she can recover after childbirth properly without any weakness.

But despite every possible cure, it is practically impossible for many women to get back to normal life. It has been every day from the stories of Chicago and Colorado in which many young girls die every year during childbirth. The amount of resistance required is not present inside the body, and this takes the way life at a very young age. 

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What does the government do about it? 

The government is trying to teach every possible kind measure with the help of which awareness could be spread amongst the youngsters so that they do not indulge in sexual activities without protection. This is important because it is the only method with the help of which unwanted pregnancy at such a young age can be avoided. 


It can be concluded that it is only with the help of people and government efforts that effective measures could be made in order to avoid these kinds of situations. It is not at all advisable from the perspective of a developed country.


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