Teenagers With Improper Sleep Consume Sugar Causing Health Effects

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : December 31, 2021

Health is now the biggest wealth; everyone around the world is on a mission to acquire it. Getting wealthier takes a lot of effort and hard work; the same goes for getting healthier. 

Teenagers With Improper Sleep Consume Sugar Causing Health Effects

Exercising daily and eating a balanced diet is a significant part of a healthy individual’s lifestyle pattern; similarly, good sleep is important for everyone who wants to be healthy. 

Teenagers With Improper Sleep Consume Sugar Causing Health Effects

But it is more important for the teenagers who have a continuous rush of hormones in the body and are in the stage of continuous changes and development to get a proper 8 to 9 hours of sleep.

In the recent research conducted on 90+ teenagers by BYU, they were made to follow different sleeping patterns the one in which in the first week the teenagers have taken short sleep in the night which had the duration of six and a half hours whereas the next week they had a proper healthy sleep of nine and a half hour. 

Also, check over their eating habits was paid attention to during this period. After it, the observation and analysis were made to check the health status of the teenagers in the research. 

It was found that the teenagers who had short sleeping durations were tempted to consume more of the calories than the ones who had a normal healthy sleeping pattern.

It is obvious that sleeping is a vital component of healthy living, especially for teenagers who form the base for future health in this period. 

Duraccio had stated based on the research that “The interesting fact is that getting less sleep didn’t cause teens to eat more than their peers getting healthy sleep; both groups consumed roughly the same amounts of calories of food.” 

This indicates there was no binge-eating found in the group of teenagers who had a short duration of sleep. 

The only thing observed was an increase in the sugar intake of the individuals with less sleep than others because of the consumption of more sugary beverages and had more added amount of sugar in the food consumed and were eating the food items with higher carbs in them.

According to the researchers, it was analyzed that the reason for excess sugar in the food choices of the teenagers with less sleep was because they have not given enough rest to their body they frequently feel tired and experience restlessness which makes them go for a faster substitute to energize themselves by having few of the energy drinks which definitely increases their glycaemic index in the body and causes severe health effect in long duration. 

It was found that there were almost 12 grams of excess sugar consumption each day by the individual with improper sleep patterns compared to the ones having a healthy sleep which would ultimately end up to almost 4.5 pounds of excess sugar consumption in a year, which is huge. 

Also, these improper sleeping patterns lead to cardiovascular diseases in teenagers, which is again life-threatening.

It is clear that the youth of the 21st century is too preoccupied with their to-do list and have a packed schedule of academics and extracurricular activities they are into, which ultimately reduces the amount of sleep they take at night. 

They think compromising on sleep is the easiest way to make out time to complete their to-do list, but to their knowledge, it is found that the individuals with healthy sleep are more productive compared to the ones with improper and disturbed sleeping patterns. 

A good sleep gives not only relaxation to your body but the mind too, which makes it ready to do all the tasks more effectively and with higher energy.

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