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Temporary Symptoms Of Diabetes Diagnosed In Covid 19 Patients


The Covid infection has affected people in many ways, and scientists are yet to understand the complete impact of such infections. In this regard, it is interesting to note that many patients who were admitted to the hospital for Covid 19 infection were newly diagnosed with diabetes. However, doctors say that these may be temporary symptoms that are caused due to stress of the infection. The blood sugar levels are likely to return to normal after completely recovering from the infection.

Temporary Symptoms Of Diabetes Diagnosed In Covid 19 Patients

Interestingly, most of the new cases of diabetes found in this manner were among young people from the non-white community and those who did not have proper insurance. In this regard, experts also feel that this may be the case of an already existing condition that was not diagnosed earlier, and it has now come to the forefront due to the Covid infection.

Temporary Symptoms Of Diabetes Diagnosed In Covid 19 Patients

Scientists still do not have a clear idea about what causes diabetes after a Covid infection. There is no proper evidence to show that all the cases had preexisting diabetes. However, doctors feel that acute stress due to any infection can result in changes in blood sugar levels, and this is likely to come back to normal after a few weeks.

It is already known that people who have co-morbid conditions like diabetes are more vulnerable to getting admitted to the hospital during a Covid infection. People suffering from diabetes are more likely to need ventilation and ICU admission during severe infection. The death rate is also high among these patients.

The study focused on the group of patients who were admitted to hospitals for Covid infection and newly diagnosed with diabetes. It was evident that the blood sugar levels were not too abnormal in such people, and the symptoms of diabetes were only mild in most cases.

However, such people usually had a high level of Covid infection. Interestingly, a majority of people reported that they had a normal level of blood sugar after a few months. Only less than 10% of the newly diagnosed diabetes patients were using insulin to manage the condition.

Experts feel this may be caused due to insulin resistance rather than insulin deficiency in Covid patients. During the infection, the cells may not be able to absorb blood sugar properly, which results in a high level of blood sugar in the body. However, such symptoms can be managed easily with timely medication, and most patients recover within a few months.

Even newly diagnosed diabetes patients during a Covid infection need insulin to manage the condition. Physicians need to monitor the situation closely and ensure that the sugar levels are maintained properly to avoid complications during the infection. When insulin is taken regularly for a few months, most of the newly diagnosed diabetes patients return to normal.

In this regard, researchers are hopeful that the symptoms of diabetes during a Covid infection are only temporary when the patient did not have such problems earlier. It is important to monitor the blood sugar levels once in a while, even among healthy individuals, as this can arise at any time, and there is no age restriction for this condition.

Earlier, it was usually seen in middle age, and youngsters did not show such symptoms in large numbers. However, due to lifestyle issues and other causes, even youngsters are prone to suffering from diabetes.

If any patient has been newly diagnosed with diabetes during a Covid infection, physicians need to start the regular insulin treatment along with Covid medication. The patient needs to be monitored carefully for a few months to see if the blood sugar levels return to normal. In most cases, patients recover within a few months.

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