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Tensions Between Trump And GOP Rise Due To Covid Relief Efforts

The growing rift between Trump and some Republicans has widened due to his stance on covid relief efforts. The initial tensions between Trump and GOP started soon after the elections when Trump made baseless claims about fraudulent activities in the presidential elections. After that, the Trump campaign’s efforts to overturn election results were also criticized by some Republicans. The latest in this list is the stance taken by Trump with regards to covid relief efforts.

Tensions Between Trump And GOP Rise Due To Covid Relief Efforts

Trump has openly expressed his anger on Republican leaders in Georgia where he lost the presidential election to Biden with an 11000 vote margin. Trump insisted that he should have won the elections in Georgia and tried to force the Governor to overturn the election results. The Republicans are now fighting for the Senate in Georgia.

Trump has blamed Republican officials of Georgia in particular on many occasions. He even called them “hapless” in some of his tweets. Republican Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger were criticized as they did not do enough to overturn the election results in Georgia. Raffensperger had openly acknowledged that there was no evidence of widespread fraud during the presidential elections in which Biden won in Georgia.

Tensions Between Trump And GOP Rise Due To Covid Relief Efforts

Several top officials who contradicted the fraud claims of the president left offices in recent weeks. Attorney General Barr was the latest in this list to leave the office after disagreeing with Trump on alleged election fraud. Barr left the Department of Justice this week after serving in the office for a long time. He was hailed as one of the biggest supporters of Trump in the past.

Barr also had openly acknowledged that there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud during the presidential elections that would change the outcome of the elections. Trump was disappointed with Barr in this regard and expressed it openly many times in media interactions. Even though Trump did not ask Barr to leave office, it was evident that Barr had no place in Trump’s camp after disagreeing with his allegations of voter fraud.

Trump and his allies went on to file several cases in different courts across the country to challenge the election results. However, most of them were dismissed by the courts as the cases did not have any support in the form of evidence. Not only that, the Supreme court even criticized such attempts by the Trump campaign on many occasions in recent months. Many Republican leaders also expressed their concerns over the allegations of Trump as it maligned the spirit of American democracy. Some Republicans had openly claimed that it was time for Trump to accept the reality and move out of office.

Barr also indicated recently that there was no need for a special counsel to look into the allegations of voter fraud made by Trump as the Supreme Court has already dealt with several such cases in the recent past.

Trump also dismissed former election security chief for the Department of Homeland Security, Chris Krebs after he said that the recently held presidential election was the most secure in the history of America. Trump wasted no time in dismissing Chris Krebs.

Trump slammed the covid relief bill that was passed by Congress after many months of negotiations. Trump demanded that direct assistance for Americans should be increased from $600 to $2000. This proposal was quickly welcomed by the Democrats in Congress. As Republicans had shot down the idea of increasing it to $2000 during the negotiations, it has become an embarrassing point for them. Democrats are happy with the suggestions of Trump for a change and they are hoping that it will be approved by the Congress.

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