Expansion Of Homelessness Getting Terminated: Latest News!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 1, 2022

Neither an ailment nor a misdeed but homelessness is a very consequential complication. 

Today’s world has changed beyond recognition. With the expansion of technology and trade, the world has advanced to a significant level. But there are some things humans also lack and some do not even consider their interests in it.

Expansion Of Homelessness Getting Terminated: Latest News!

In the last 160 years, basic human values have been lost in the search for happiness, prosperity, and breakdown in values of relationships. So what exactly is homelessness, it is a situation wherein an individual or a group of people are obligated to live or spend out in the open at night because of lack of accommodation forced upon by circumstances of poverty, loss of job, unemployment, etc. It is not by choice but due to the human activities which took place on the earth. 

Expansion Of Homelessness Getting Terminated

Food, shelter, and clothing are the basic human necessities that are much needed by humans to sustain themselves. Excluding the fact that food and clothing are important, shelters also play a very important role in one’s life by protecting them from substandard weather, menacing animals, and so on. Having a shelter not only provides privacy but also prevents ill health and disease by isolating and distancing from others. The current pandemic is the pre-eminent example of the importance of shelter as the contagious coronavirus can only be alleviated by distancing people from each other which we can solely do at our homes which shelters us. 

However recent studies and surveys have delineated that half of the world’s population is homeless. Scientists and many help institutes have sadly affirmed the contagiousness of homelessness.

More than half of the population of the United States has always been homeless due to many reasons such as the advancement of technology which led to the construction of buildings for main centers that unfortunately consumed houses of many innocents and left them homeless. With the oscillation of economic conditions and demographic vigor, the dimensions and configuration of the homeless population have also fluctuated. 

In the past decade, nevertheless, the complication of homelessness has progressively apprehended public heed. With the perilous expansion of homelessness in the last several years, the structure of the homeless population has also changed substantially during that period.

The surveys have estimated an egregious lower-end homeless population with the expansion of 200,000 to 300,000 people and more than 4 million homeless population of the higher-end. 

But the crucial issue is that the surveys conducted by the US colloquium of chairman in 26 representative cities in each of the past 2 years spotted that there was no city in which the numbers were decreasing. Instead, these cities reported a tremendous increase in the population of homeless people. 

Dr. Marybeth Shinn a professor of HOD at Vanderbilt University gave many explanations on the topic of homelessness and how it can be reduced. She also conversed on the topics including what can be done about homeless people and homelessness. 

Well, this very situation of homelessness is not so difficult to be ameliorated. We can solve this problem by looking inwards and reducing it by taking measures such as providing people employment opportunities, removing prejudices, and making the house prices affordable for people to buy it. For the extremely poor people, we can help them by providing them food and fulfilling their basic necessities so that their main motive is to buy a house and not waste money on necessities that are bound to be given to them at any cost. Volunteering and educating them will assist them to get a better knowledge of what is good for them and how they can reduce their problems by not giving rise to a new one. 

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