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Texas and Florida Had One-Third of the Entire Nation’s COVID 19 Load Last Week, Say Health Officials

Two States accounted for one-third of all the new COVID 19 cases reported in the US; Texas and Florida.

Almost all the new infections are seen in the areas where the rate of vaccination is low. There are seven states in the country that lags behind in the matter of vaccination. They represent only 8- 1/2% of the population. They, however, contributed up to 17% of the nation’s load of Coronavirus infections. And one in third of the infections come from Florida and Texas.

The daily number of new cases has increased four times in the past 14 days, point out health experts. This increase, according to them, happened because of the highly contagious Delta variant. And the rate of vaccination in the country during the time was almost 49%. Hospitals started filling with patients once again.

Texas and Florida Had One-Third of the Entire Nation’s COVID 19 Load Last Week, Say Health Officials

The vaccination campaign is picking up pace nowadays. Still, there are more than 90000000 eligible people to get vaccinated. They have to do what is required of them. They have to receive their shots, officials say.

Delta variant, in the meantime, is forcing people to get vaccinated. The country is waking up to the threat of a new surge. And they are responding to the message. More and more people are rolling up their sleeves to receive the shot. This is the need of the hour, officials observe. Vaccination is the only way to stop the pandemic. At the moment, it is having an upper hand in the nation.

Texas and Florida Had One-Third of the Entire Nation’s COVID 19 Load Last Week, Say Health Officials

As per the data available, the rate of vaccination has increased dramatically during the past seven days. The eight states that are seeing an increase of new case in infections is witnessing a 171% increase in the number of newly vaccinated people.

In Louisiana, it is 302%. The same is 250%. It is 215% in Alabama. And it is 206% in Arkansas. This rise in the number of new vaccinations is a sign that people, at last, have understood the risk.  They now know the dangers of remaining vaccinated and are taking action. The country had been waiting for this to happen, health officials observe. And it is sure to take the country out of this pandemic.

According to experts, breakthrough infections that resulted in hospitalization come up only to 1% among the fully vaccinated people.

By Monday, 71% of the country’s adult population has received at least one dose of a vaccine. This is the goal President Biden declared. But he hoped that the nation would reach it by July 4th. Thus, the President fulfilled his declared goal in August, one month behind.

On Sunday, CDC reported that it administered 816,203 additional doses of the vaccine. It is the fifth consecutive day that the agency is reporting that it has administered more than 700,000 doses of the shots against COVID 19.

According to experts, two factors are responsible for the current increase in the rate of vaccination:

  • The support of reputed leaders in the country
  • The understanding how vaccinated people fare against the virus

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They believe that the country has a sufficient number of people to prevent another surge. But it is not enough to stop the pandemic, they warn. But the situation is sure to grow worse among the unvaccinated people. They are sure to suffer greatly because of the Delta variant. But their choices affect the entire nation. When there is a Delta-variant-infected unvaccinated person, he spreads it to those around him. It adversely impacts the country’s desire to come back to normalcy at the earliest. For this reason, officials are racing against the clock to vaccinate every single person in the country.

Fortunately, the current surge has brought a ray of hope. It is prompting the entire country to get vaccinated.

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