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The Blue States Are Behind The Increasing Coronavirus Cases: Trump

President Donald Trump accused “blue states” for raising the death rate of coronavirus in the country, implying that the U.S. will be much more competitive with other countries if “you strip out the blue states” from the equation. The assertion was quickly reprimanded Thursday by Democrats such as Chuck Schumer, D-NY, Senate Minority Leader, who noted Trump is President of all the states.

The blue states are behind the increasing coronavirus cases: Trump

Trump has long been blamed for several ills by Political officials, including “democratically controlled” towns, in which police demonstrations have turned violent. However, his suggestion that states faced the pandemic better or worse according to their political conviction was his explicit attempt. The President made his case when his government was met with concerns regarding the virus mortality rate relative to other countries in the United States. According to data obtained by Johns Hopkins, the U.S. has experienced approximately 60 deaths of coronavirus for 100,000 people worldwide.

And we’re down in this area, said Trump, pointing out a map that first released in the spring of the White House, showing two approximate death ranges based on the attempts made to slow down the spread. We have the Blue States that have a terrific rate of death, he said. This is despite the fact that the blue States have massive rates of mortality. Taking the blue states out, we are at a stage that I do not think anyone on Earth would be. Instead, Trump focused on the fatality rate of the outbreaks – the number of people killed after the outbreak – which is much higher in U.S. rates. Speaking to white house reporters late Wednesday, Trump claimed that, even though the blue states have enormous mortality rates, the United States is managing the virus well. We’re at a stage I think no-one in the world will be on. We are still at a really low level, but some of the states – they were blue states and blue-state-controlled.’ Suppose you take the blue states out.

Although the President displayed his contempt over politically run states long before the pandemic, in recent months, he has increased his fighting strategies against the majority of American voters. In the early days of society, the coronavirus task force headed by Trump’s son-in-law did not conduct a suitable national response, partially because the killings were mostly blue. The political folks thought it could be a real political tactic because it would be relegated to the Democratic States, that one advisor told the paper. This week Trump was progressively aggressive to cities and states, which he accused of violence over the summer as a campaigning strategy. When host Georges Stephanopoulos called the President’s use of the word to criticize democratic states, a troubled ABC city hall aired yesterday, Trump doubled down, arguing that democracy-managed countries are the ones which are doing poorly.

The most popular countries with coronaviral deaths were New York, California, and New Jersey – all of which are blue in the presidential elections. However, the states with the largest populations in the nation were also the first in which major epidemic outbreaks were encountered and discussed. In other states, Texas, a red state, and Florida, a war ground, are very numerous deaths. These countries are one of the most populated in the world, too. The photo is very different when the population is normalized: New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, according to Johns Hopkins University, had the highest death toll for every 100,000 people. They are also in the top ten red states and battlegrounds, including Louisiana, Mississippi, Arizona, and Michigan. According to the USA TODAY review of Hopkins data – about 74 deaths per 100, 000 population – states that voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 had nearly 105,000 deaths from coronavirus to date. Countries voting for Trump endured over 91,000 deaths, about 50 in 100,000.

Democrats have blamed the proposal of Trump to blame Democratic leaders for the death of the country. The job is to be President of all American candidates, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden tweeted Thursday at Trump. For God’s sake, begin to behave like this. Yeah, Mr President, you would think it’s not that bad if you don’t count the total number of Americans who died, said Schumer on the Senate floor. Having long-standing quarrels with Democrat governors such as Andrew Cuomo of New York and Gavin Newsom of California, Trump did no facts to support his insinuation of blue countries dealing in the virus differently than red states. Often he said that these rulers reacted excessively to the virus and imposes strict lockdown orders. Minutes after he indicated that Democratic states had not done enough to control the virus, he hit them for not lifting restrictions on coronaviruses faster.

By the way, we would advise you to open up your states, said Trump. It affects people even more than the illness. New York and the Democrats, California, and New Jersey were among those countries where coronavirus deaths were greatest. However, according to Johns Hopkins University, both Texas and Florida, the Republican king, are also the top five states with respect to coronaviral deaths. These five states are also the largest in the country with the virus outbreaks being addressed first, which suggests that the political party of leaders and the virus spread are not statistically associated. New York Sen. Chuck Schumer reproved Trump in the Senate Thursday morning, asking for two questions “What kind of a demented guy” he claimed did not count Americans who lost lives in certain states.

Yeah, Mr President, unless you calculate the total number of Americans who died, maybe you think it’s not that bad, said Schumer. If you turn your attention to one half of the world, it may not be a remarkable task for others to think you have achieved it. Trump has long accused democratic governors of treating the pandemic and accused them of taking political advantage of the pandemic. However, yesterday the President politized the pandemic that took the lives of almost 200,000 Americans.


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