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The Campaign Of Kamala Harris Stopped Because Of COVID Positive Officials

Joe Biden blocked the campaign of Kamala Harris when he got to know that two officials have been tested positive for the virus.

The campaign of Kamala Harris stopped because of COVID positive officials

Biden is being serious and trying the best to get control of the virus. He has always been cautious, unlike Trump. The pilot who was flying the plane has come out to be COVID 19 positive. On Thursday, a Biden official confirmed that the California Senator for media, Liz Allen, and a member of the flight crew got the findings.In 48 hours before their positive samples, neither assistant had near contact with the officials, she said. Ms. Harris was set for Thursday’s flight to North Carolina.

The Senator had no direct contact with any of the contaminated staff members in the two days before the positive test and was thus not needed to quarantine, according to Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon. “We cancel the trip of Senator Harris through Sunday, irrespective of the abundance of caution and the dedication our campaign has made to the highest degree of caution,” she said.

Biden’s campaign manager, Jen O’Malley Dillon, clarified that Harris was not in what the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describe as near touch. Harris was already dismissed on Thursday’s scheduled visit to North Carolina, she said until Monday and would stay off the route. “None of these individuals has been in touch with Vice President Biden, Senator Harris or other staff after positive checks, or within 48 hours of positive testing,” said O’Malley Dillon.

‘Based on the stringent health guidelines of our campaign, all people were screened before returning to their jobs with the campaign with these personal activities,’ she said. ‘Their work with Sen. Harris was accompanied by personal non-campaign activities last week. The value of these procedures — including checks before resuming duties, routine monitoring when working in person, insulation during hours off, and masking and distancing during campaigning duties — is highlighted once more.” “They are procedures to protect campaigning, workers, and others with whom they may have communication.

O’Malley Dillon said Harris has been on 2 PCR tests for coronavirus since October 8, with a Wednesday test. The sudden revelation of the promising findings of the Biden campaign was in stark contrast to how the Trump campaign and the White House performed the Trump coronavirus test themselves and top officials and aid staff of the election. The White House of Trump has not yet revealed that Trump had tested coronavirus negative until his positive test.

On the day after their discussions with Vice President Mike Pence, the two people were on the flight with Harris on October 8. Senator Harris had an N95 mask, like all boys, during the flight. O’Malley Dillon said, “It wasn’t more than 15 minutes in between 6 feet.” Allen and the crew chief screened favorably both before and after the flight, and all other flight personnel screened favorably. O’Malley Dillon said that the Biden Campaign had initiated the touch monitoring phase “to alert anyone in the likely window of an outbreak.

Harris’s husband Doug Emhoff had scheduled his trip to Minnesota in his campaign on Thursday, which Biden had already scrapped his plans for campaigning for Jill Biden. However, the campaign said that while he has not been in touch with anybody, he would return to the campaign on Friday in person. He had learned — via the touch tracing process, trailing the Harris flight crew member who tested positively — that a charter flight company administrative staff who flies Biden had tested thoroughly hours after the adjustment to Harris’s timetable.

On Monday and Tuesday, the individual visited Biden’s aircraft. But, O’Malley Dillon stated in a statement, it was more than 50 feet from Biden on each flight in the last row of the Boeing 737 aircraft. Both used separate entries, and during the flight, Biden and the man wore masks. Because of this, Biden won’t change his timetable, said O’Malley Dillon. As we announced today earlier, Senator Harris and her team were so fortunate to have contact with the crew member on their flight that she was not ordered to quarantine. Nevertheless, despite even this accidental touch, we have postponed her travel plans with a lot of caution, she said.

“As the vice-president has no physical proximity to this managing crew member and his aircraft is larger than Sen. Harris’ aircraft, and a considerable distance (over 50 feet) from his person is no excuse to make even such a precaution.” In an interview with Rachel Maddow, MSNBC, on Wednesday, Harris told him, “We are very safe” if she feels safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Harris smiled, knowing that Trump is trolling the Biden masks movement.

You can look in the eye at people, and you can hear, and you can be there, “Harris said.” You can’t hug people these days. That’s not a choice. “I think it is important to be where people are, just so that they are not at any danger for their welfare. So that’s how we work it. It’s a different kind of campaign, but we’re trying our best.” “It’s a different kind of campaign from everything we did before.” Mr. Trump held his sixth State visit since the Republicans’ Convention in late August, addressing an airport rally in Greenville, North Carolina.

“Two of the people flying with him have been testing positively on a plane all the time,” said Mr. Trump on Thursday. He told the crowd, “We extend our best wishes, which are better than they did to me. Both Biden and Harris publicly wished the President a swift recovery and the first lady after revealing their promising Covid test news.

Thousands of residents, local police say, were likely to observe the President’s visit. Restrictions on parking mean that participants have to ride a campaign bus from a local fairground from Trump. Local health leaders called for supporters of Trump to wear masks and to observe social distancing and hand washing at the protest. But as the previous Trump protests, Greenville pictures showed plenty of his followers resisting masks and crowding.

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