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The Child Death Rate Due To Covid 19 Is On The Rise In Louisiana

Health care has stated that since the pandemic began Louisiana has observed more than 52 deaths in kids aged between 5 to 11 due to covid 19 which is quite a concerning issue. The state has asked all the schools to advise the kids on the use of masks and sanitizers and conduct special classes for the same as well.

The Child Death Rate Due To Covid 19 Is On The Rise In Louisiana

The CDC has earlier stated that people who are fully vaccinated have to also wear masks as the new Delta variant can reside in people who are fully vaccinated not harming them but transfer to other people and if that person is not vaccinated has an adverse effect on them. Schools are to sanitize their environment every day so that kids can come up to a safe environment the next day itself.

The Child Death Rate Due To Covid 19 Is On The Rise In Louisiana

In other news, FDA has rejected Pfizer`s booster shots stating that there is not enough evidence for the use of booster shots, and came to a conclusion that booster shots are only to be admitted to people over the age of 65. Most of Pfizer`s data was backed up by Israeli research which stated that the efficacy of the vaccine lowered over a period of 6 to 8 months.

The vote count for the booster shot was 16-2, were in the committee members expressed many concerns that Pfizer did not provide any substantial evidence and there were no safety instructions as well for the booster shots. This raised many questions if this is just a political move by the administration for the coming future elections.

Earlier the Biden administration had stated that they will be administering booster doses to everyone from 20th Sept which received a lot of backlashes from the opposition as this was not a joint decision. However, from the latest FDA decision, the booster shots are now put on hold for people above the age of 16.

President Joe Biden will be hosting a virtual summit next week with the world leaders on making new plans to defeat the covid 19 pandemics. The meeting will be with the United Nations as well wherein they would urge more countries to vaccinate more of their people in the coming months so as to defeat the virus. Biden further stated that the US will be giving out vaccines to achieve a global level of vaccination.

It has also now been seen that America is seeing more than 1000 cases of hospitalization on a daily basis. Of all the hospitalization cases 25% of the admissions are kids which is a worrisome issue. Kids are not yet eligible for vaccination and must be taken the most care of as hospitalization is quite tough for kids and in many cases, parents need to stay with their kids in hospitals which also puts their life at risk.

Earlier it was observed that the cases of covid 19 were only seen in kids with weak immune systems or on kids who had some chronic issues. But lately, the doctors say that they are seeing kids with healthy immune systems as well showing the symptoms of covid 19 due to the Delta variant which is considered more aggressive.

For many of the children even though they are tested positive the symptoms come up very late almost a month later which makes it hard for the authorities to isolate the source of the outbreak. Due to these reasons, many people are urging the schools to get back to online learning so that the kids could be in a safe environment and would also help the parents as well.

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