The Dazzling Details of Blake Lively’s Tall $2 Million Engagement Ring

Teresa Breaux | Last Updated : March 25, 2024

When you’re a statuesque 5’10” beauty like Blake Lively, you need an engagement ring that can hold its own. And boy, did her husband Ryan Reynolds deliver with a showstopper of a sparkler! Estimated to be worth a whopping $2 million, the breathtaking oval-cut diamond is a true head-turner befitting Blake Lively’s tall, statuesque frame.  

A Close Look at the Statement Ring

Designed by celebrity jeweler Lorraine Schwartz, Blake Lively’s engagement ring is a vision in rose gold and diamonds. At the center, a flawless 12-carat oval-cut diamond commands all attention with its brilliant shine and impeccable cut. Lively’s tall, willowy fingers provide the perfect canvas to showcase the elongated diamond’s remarkable size and brilliance.

Oval-Cut Diamonds – The “It” Shape

While round brilliant diamonds used to reign supreme in the world of engagement rings, oval-cut stones are having a major moment recently as the new “it” shape. Beloved for their elegant elongated shape, oval diamonds tend to appear larger than rounds of the same carat weight while masterfully flattering the finger. 

No wonder Blake Lively and other tall, slender celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Kourtney Kardashian, and Gabrielle Union have all opted for oval-cut engagement rings! The regal ring setting complements their statuesque frames beautifully.

Rose Gold: A Romantic Twist on a Classic

What makes Blake Lively’s ring even more unique is its romantic rose gold setting. The soft pinkish-hued metal provides a gorgeous contrast against the diamond’s colorless sparkle while adding a warm, vintage-inspired touch.

Rose gold has soared in popularity in recent years as an updated alternative to traditional yellow and white gold jewelry. Its eternal fan Blake Lively is frequently spotted rocking rose gold accessories on the red carpet to complement her tall 5’10” physique and blonde hair.

In the case of her engagement ring, rose gold offers a fresh, feminine twist to elevate the already extraordinary oval diamond centerpiece. It’s just further proof that Blake Lively has impeccable and trendsetting taste when it comes to fashion and fine jewelry.

A Dazzling Diamond Halo and Pave Band

Surrounding the central oval stunner is an ultra-dazzling diamond halo and pave band further amplifying the luxurious design. Halos have become a hugely popular choice for engagement rings in recent years as the circular frame of accent diamonds provides even more shimmer while enhancing the look of the center stone.  

Blake Lively’s ring exemplifies this trend with its micropave diamond halo seamlessly wrapped around the base of the centerpiece oval. Additional pave-set diamonds cover every inch of the delicate rose gold band for all-around sparkle.

With its halo and accent stones, Blake’s ring likely contains well over 4 carats of diamonds in total. For a tall woman like Blake, that abundant ice definitely makes a statement on her slender fingers.

A Symbol of Everlasting Style

Since receiving the jaw-dropping oval engagement ring from Ryan Reynolds in 2011, Blake Lively has stayed admirably faithful to the bauble. Beyond red-carpet events, the tall actress frequently accessorizes her casual street-style ensembles with her signature sparkler as a reminder of her commitment to both the jewelry and her husband.

While many might be tempted to upgrade to an even bigger rock after more than a decade of marriage, Lively clearly recognizes the timeless beauty, craftsmanship, and investment value of her unique Lorraine Schwartz creation. The couple’s taste epitomizes refined, enduring style over passing fads.

And let’s be honest – with its mouthwatering $2 million price tag, Blake Lively’s engagement ring already ranks among the world’s most valuable and iconic celebrity rings of all time.

Famous Fans of Oval Engagement Rings

Blake Lively kicked off the oval engagement ring trend for celebrities before it became the ubiquitous look for brides today. She was one of the first major stars to showcase the elongated, flattering diamond shape on the red carpet back in 2012 when oval rings were still relatively uncommon.

In the decade since, a parade of fellow tall, willowy A-listers have followed Lively’s stylish lead in rocking breathtaking oval-cut engagement rings:

– Hailey Bieber’s 6-carat oval from Justin Bieber

– Kourtney Kardashian’s 8-carat oval from Travis Barker

– Ariana Grande’s pearl and oval diamond duo from Dalton Gomez

– Gabrielle Union’s 8.5-carat emerald-cut diamond from Dwyane Wade

While the dazzlers may vary slightly in shape and design details, the elongated silhouette universally flatters the statuesque hand types of taller women like a dream.

Blake Lively as an Engagement Ring Icon

Thanks to her incredible engagement ring from Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively will forever hold iconic status as a trendsetter who helped popularize oval diamonds and rose gold for bridal jewelry.  

Leave it to the tall 5’10” fashion “It” girl to choose what many consider to be the most glamorous and regal engagement ring style. Much like Lively’s enviable style and tall stature, her show-stopping ring is impossible to ignore and guaranteed to make jaws drop.

Beauty, brains, comedic talent, and exquisite taste – Blake Lively truly has it all! Her timeless oval diamond serves as a testament to her head-turning looks and extraordinary sense of style that deserves an equally extraordinary rock.

That’s why, over a decade later, Lively’s oval bauble continues to inspire heart-eye emojis and endless recreations from brides-to-be everywhere. Her engagement ring’s regal design epitomizes luxury and sophistication befitting her status as Hollywood royalty. 

From the fashion-forward rose gold setting to the jaw-dropping center oval, Blake’s $2 million ring makes it crystal clear why she’s a tall queen worthy of wearing diamond’s crowning glory.

Whether or not oval engagement rings and rose gold ever fall out of vogue, Blake Lively’s iconic sparkler is destined to endure as one of the most glamorous, drool-worthy, and influential celebrity rings for years to come. The tall drink of water and her legendary ice clearly paved the way for an entire generation of brides with exquisite taste.

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