The Drug Is Linked To A Two-Fold Increase In The Risk Of Cancer

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 18, 2022

Millions of people have received curative treatment through scientific advancements in the field of cancer research. A widely prescribed pill in the UK increases the chance of stomach cancer two-fold.

The Drug Is Linked To A Two-Fold Increase In The Risk Of Cancer

There has been significant improvement in cancer care as the survival rates nearly doubled in the last few years in the UK. A considerable amount of research funds has also been invested in prevention.

To date, researchers have discovered many risk factors for cancer, one of which might also include a pill widely used across the world.

According to the Therapeutic Advances of Gastroenterology, one of the commonly prescribed medications across the globe is proton pump inhibitors (PPI).

It is also estimated that more than 50 million prescriptions are made annually for PPI in the UK.

PPIs are commonly used to treat ulcers and acid reflux of the stomach and part of the gut, known as the duodenum.

However, a study in the journal Guts detected a link between the long-term use of the drug and doubled increase in the chances of developing stomach cancer.

Researchers from the University of Hong Kong and University College London found that the risk of being infected by cancer rose along with the duration of treatment.

 The participants had been treated with triple therapy, including PPI and antibiotics. The findings came out from a study that looked at a group of around 64,000 adults. A total of 153 people were cured of stomach cancer by the end of the follow-up.

Although a higher risk of stomach cancer is not associated with was not found to have a connection with H2 blockers, PPIs were linked to a doubled risk of stomach cancer.

The totality of the evidence on this is that those who continue PPI for a long term are sick in various ways than those who are not prescribed PPIs.

Many observational case studies have found adverse effects linked to PPIs, said Stephens Evans, professor of pharmacoepidemiology at the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine.

Alongside the liver, lung, pancreas, and brain cancer, stomach cancer was also listed as a rapidly growing cancer as stated by the less survival cancer task force.

Rare diseases, a healthy body explains that stomach cancer originates from the cells which line the stomach and exhibit rapid and abnormal growth, like all cancerous cells.

The chair of the less survivable cancers task force explained that delay in diagnosis leads to poorer outcomes for those with rapidly advancing cancers.

These cancers are difficult to diagnose or treat at later stages, and the span between diagnosis and death is often short compared to more survivable cancers.

The COVID-19 pandemic further intensifies the situation.

Several factors can enhance the risk of stomach cancer, including tobacco, alcohol consumption, salted food, pickles, and a history of ulcers or stomach irritation.

A significant increase in research funding and commitment to increased resources for the early diagnosis of cancer is demanded by the task force to close the deadly cancer gap. The disease rarely produces any symptoms until the later stages when it gets harder to treat.

 The Royal Survey of the NHS Foundation suggests including at least five different varieties of fruits and vegetables in daily routine to stay healthy. Try to choose whole-grain options whenever possible and include dairy products or dairy alternatives to enhance the body’s calcium, minerals, and other vitamins.

The healthy body further adds, “try to include starchy carbohydrates in every meal, like rice, potatoes, pasta, and bread.”

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