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The Election Division; The Old Trump Supporters And Dicey Reality

The voters of Trump will observe a great division during the upcoming election. As reported by Pew Research Center’s Carrol Doherty mentioned division of presidential preference by voters above 65. Doherty during the research has come through interesting facts about the elderly voters’ political motives to chose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in 2016 and the current decision of voting for Trump or Biden peculiar and interesting. With the last four year presidential power of Donald Trump, the older Trump supporters are getting dicey with their hold and believe of the Republican candidate.

The election division; the old Trump supporters and dicey reality

While some are still holding on to their utmost belief at the president, some say he has brought greater misery for the States. President Donald Trump’s four years of period in the White House have shown a varied response from the citizens of the United States. While some stated him as conservative and non-scientific, some consider him the strongest candidate to be States leader. A major unpredictable behavior in this concern can be seen at the elderly supporters of Trump. Many of the last years, voters have openly declared their concern over the re-electing of White House President.

Since February, the retired computer operator has not been able to see either of his two sisters, one of whom contracted coronavirus, and he says he misses going downtown a few times a week for meetings and getting some social contact, despite being a solitary character. He describes Mr. Trump as a goofball he liked but may have been somewhat uncertain about his leadership and response to the pandemic. There is one aspect that means that Mr. Trump has his vote, regardless of what this election is, and that was the conservative choice of the president for Supreme Court Justice. Dr. William B Mcllvaine, 68, is a retired anesthesiologist of New Mexico. He states that in the previous election, he voted against the Democratic candidate Mrs. Hillary Clinton and supported the Republican candidate. In the upcoming election, Mcllvaine claimed to use the same voting strategy against Trump. Here’s a man who really could take advantage of the opportunities with George Floyd, with Covid, with our economic disasters, to function and serve as a leader and inspire Americans to do things said Mcllvaine raising his voice against the policies and words of the current president.

He even termed Trump to work non- scientifically and his inability to handle the situation of the pandemic in the country. The ignorance of President Trump against any precautions regarding COVID 19 and avoiding the condition by being a president is a greater concern of Mcllvaine and his wife. Another elderly resident of the States, Elizabeth Hall, a retired lawyer of 65 years old living in Mount Kisco, New York, has claimed her decision to vote for Trump as the biggest mistake. She also voted for the current president as retaliation against the candidate of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, but now she says that her choice was wrong. Her fear of speculating Americans divided into today’s scenario has turned her against voting for Mr. Trump.

Trump’s ignorance towards the COVID pandemic was the first reason that made her choose Mr.Biden over him. She is among the thousands of elderly voters turning their back against the Democratic Party’s candidate Donald Trump. I don’t like the idea because of Covid, and I am susceptible. But I am not losing my vote said, Hall. She claimed Biden to have more empathy than Trump. Paul and Diana Wilkinson of Sarasota, Florida, also mention their concern with the president. They have apparently voted for Trump during the 2016 election. They even supported his decision to have federal troops defend the federal building. But Trump’s shocking tweets and some unacceptable statement would make them choose Biden over him. They still believe Biden to be a weaker candidate but like Kamala Harris as the candidate for vice president of the States.

On the other hand, many last election supporters are still bidding for the Republican to again come in power and Donald Trump to sit on the chair of the president in the White House. Many of them believe Trump to be the stronger candidate among the two and thus would be able to use his power in favor of people. The blames on the current president is being brushed away by them. It is rubbish to say he is a racist. He is like everybody else for his era – of my era, says Maria, a 74-year-old resident of Berkley, California. Her claims were about the vast people movement in the United States as Black Lives Matters. She said the movement was politicized and taken as an advantage during the election.

She says the attack on President Trump can result in damaging the nation’s unity and national security and appraised Trump to have “thick skin” to avoid such circumstances. Another elderly voter, Dr. EbunEkunwe, 72, of California, Texas, is a retired physician. She says that though she will vote for Mr.Biden, she considers him a weaker candidate than Trump. She claims Trump to be a fighter, and this to be the reason for her choosing Trump over Clinton. Maria also mentions that Trump is not a racist, but he belongs to that era. Likewise, an 86 year old Holocaust survivor Carl and his 85-year-old wife said that their vote would be for Donald Trump. Carl states his fear over the re-election of President Trump. He finds the United States to be a safer country for them after living in countries like Germany and Ukraine. He believes Biden to be too old to take care of the domestic and foreign issues.

Jim Hurson, 73, from San Francisco, also found Clinton to be a weaker candidate than Trump during the 2016 election and voted for him. He has not come to a conclusion regarding his vote in the upcoming election. He is more concerned about the illegal migration, right to privacy and the absence of functioning political discourse in the country. He termed the USA politics to become gang warfare. As per the report founded by Pew Research Center, 41% of the elderly voters will vote on Election Day, 18% will vote earlier, and 40% said they would vote by mail.


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