The FDA Rejected The COVID Treatments Of Thousands Of American Patients!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 1, 2022

The pandemic caused by covid-19 has changed the Dynamics of the medical industry. According to the database maintained by the public health department of The United States of America, the best treatment has been delivered to all the patients during this pandemic to avoid mortality. But a recent truth has been brought forward in this direction. 

The United States Commission of Medical Science reporting has discovered that around 150000 doses of useless antibody treatments have been to the covid patients in the previous year. A lot of money has been spent on this treatment, but all of this has been brought to waste because it was never helpful to cure covid 19 or reducing the side effects of the same. 

Thousands Of U.S. Patients Got COVID Treatments Rejected As Useless By FDA

The United States food and drug administration already notified specific types of antibody treatments in January after it was discovered from extensive research that this particular kind of treatment was no longer helpful in fighting the mutating versions of covid-19. The department released this notification in early January last year, but around 150,000 doses of unauthorized antibiotic treatments were administered to the patients infected with covid-19. 

The FDA Rejected The COVID Treatments Of Thousands Of American Patients!

It mainly included antiviral treatment of bamlanivimab and casirivimab. It has been responsible for costing millions of dollars, and little relief and relaxation has been provided to the patients. The study was conducted in Boston and shocked the entire Medical fraternity, especially the patients who had to undergo this useless treatment. 

Why are they non-effective in curing covid 19?

During the first wave of covid-19, these treatments were still essential to prevent the infection from getting severe. But as the covid-19 proceeded from the first wave to the third wave, the efficiency of this kind of treatment was doubted to produce no result on the mutating nature of the virus. Especially after the occurrence of Omicron, these antiviral treatments lost their glory. 

That was one of the most important reasons why the regulatory body of The United States of America finally denotified this kind of treatment as an essential one for treating covid 19 patients. In fact, according to the research, it was discovered that if these anti-virus therapies are still administered to the patients, their health can get worse. That is why there was a need to immediately stop the consumption of this form of treatment for the excellent safety of the people. But despite multiple warnings, people still got this treatment from the doctors. 

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Notes of research that matter 

According to the experts, these antibodies were designed in the labs and customized only to fight specific infections. Due to the changing nature of covid-19, this particular treatment was ineffective over the period and had to be stopped immediately for more significant public health. The treatment was given authorization in April of 2020 as an emergency measure until the vaccine was developed. Constant research was being undertaken to discover if this kind of treatment is helpful in the long run to prevent the spread of covid-19. The emergence of omicron narrowed down the research to produce this result. 


Orders have been issued to all the hospitals to withdraw this kind of medication as soon as possible so that future consumption of this can be stopped. It is genuinely helpful in the long run to produce the given effect. This is one of the most valuable and effective methodologies with the help of which better efficiency could be established. 


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