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The Future Of Debates Is Not Clear As President Trump Has Been Tested Positive For COVID

 The positive COVID-19 test on Friday morning by President Donald Trump creates considerable unease as to whether the second presidential debate on October 15, a town hall-style for Miami, will continue as scheduled.

The future of debates is not clear as President Trump has been tested positive for COVID

Anyone who tests positive for the virus should be recommended by the Centre for disease control and prevention to prohibit encounters with other patients ten days after the onset of symptoms and after leaving for at least 24 hours. Trump, who appears to have displayed “mild symptoms,” declared early in the morning of Friday, October 2, which gives the President ample time to obey protective procedures, if he rapidly recovers before the next debate. But the CDC also advises that someone who has positive testing for a virus remains at home for 14 days not be spared. Democratic delegate Joe Biden spent 90 minutes in a debate with Trump, but the two stopped customary shakes due to coronavirus defense intervention in advance.

Presidential debate members of the Commission did not immediately respond to requests to comment on future talks. In a statement Friday, the couple’s psychiatrist, Kevin O’Connor, declared that Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, are negative on COVID-19. On the afternoon of Friday, Biden conducted a launch in Grand Rapids, Michigan, holding a mask as he delivered his regular economic campaign speech and added work. In a Friday interview on his network, Fox news correspondent Chris Wallace, who moderated the first presidential conversation in Cleveland, said that the Trump family, who attended the debate, did not wear masks as directed. Wallace said that the rules allowed all to wear face masks except for Trump, Biden, and the moderator. He said a Cleveland Clinic protection team member came to the family to sit down and to offer them masks if they had no masks “and were waved aside.”

Presidential debate members of the Commission did not immediately respond to requests to comment on future talks. Wallace, 72, told us that he expects a test of COVID-19, which will also possibly include this wife and four children. There are also speculations going on that the entire record will be taken out and the data will be accessed about the places where Trump went to. Also, there will be an announcement for the people who attended the campaigns will be isolated or not. The official statements are still not made but are expected to come out soon.  bout past presidential debates that attracted crowding of about 900 people, according to the Committee on Presidential Debates, on Tuesday, the audience was reduced to about 70 people forced to wear masks and were already screened for COVID-19.

The debate in Salt Lake City between Vice Chairperson Mike Pence and Vice Chairperson-Nominated Sen. Kamala Harris begins October 7. Both Pence and Harris said they tested the virus adversely on Friday. Chris Nelson, communications director of the University of Utah, the vice president debate site, told the Committee on Presidential Debates that the university is ready to host a fruitful and stable presidential debate. In Nashville, Tennis, on October 22, the third and final presidential debate is set. Photos from Tuesday’s debate show the group not wearing masks, Trump’s children Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, Tiffany Trump, and Donald Trump Jr. They are near to Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, who wears a mask. For COVID-19, Perez tested negative.

Naomi Biden, one of Biden’s granddaughters, noted that the Trump family had no masks when the discussion started. Why does the Trump family not wear masks when all those obey the rules? She tweeted. For several weeks Trump had argued that the country had “turned the corner” on COVID-19 and had several demonstrations where hundreds of audiences were gathered without many sporting masks. Trump often used masks in public and, for months, declined to use masks openly. In the debate on Tuesday, Trump insulted Biden too many times to don facial masks. Before the campaign activities, Biden wears a mask. You ought to understand if you look. I mean, here I have a mask,” Trump said, taking out a mask in his trait bag. “I think masks are all right. Tonight, as an example, everybody was put on a questionnaire, and you have a social distance for anything you have to, but I wear masks. “I’ve, put a mask on when I think I need it.

He said to Biden: “I’ve no mask-like him. He has a mask every time you see him. He could talk 200 miles apart and present the biggest mask I have ever seen.” He said: “I have to wear a mask like him. The presidential debates are now being discussed more intensely than ever in US history after a tumultuous first debate. The two candidates – the core of these Trump-instruments – regularly disrupted each other, and Wallace battled to dominate each other. The Presidential Decision Commission reported that modifications to the upcoming debates and ‘other instruments to retain peace’ will be introduced last week. The President was always talking about that there is no use of wearing a mask, and people also raised questions that when everyone in the debate hall was wearing a mask, then why only the Trump family was not following the rules.

When the big mouth president has tested positive for the virus, he might accept his mistake of not taking the virus seriously. He was always very casual, and just because of his casual attitude, several people lost their lives, and still every day, you get to know that 1000 people are dying. The WHO has warned about the pandemic; still, Trump was adamant about the curve. America has been the worst-hit nation despite having the best healthcare. Now the President is quite and is isolated. There is no news of the future debates, and it is also being predicted that if the health of Trump tapers down, then Biden will be announced as the President. All eyes are set on the official statement that will be released in a day or two.




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