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The Historic Speech Of Kamala Harris As The Vice President Of The USA

The presidential election of 2020 which has now been done and dusted in the present times has witnessed many new things. There are additional factors that were taken into consideration before taking into accord the reality check of this election. This election has been full of drama in the best possible way.

Also, the events which have been surfaced by the election has been seen and watched very acutely by the people of the United States of America and hence, at the same time by the entire elite class population by the United States of America. Therefore, in such situations, the main aim has always been to watch something which was never watched in history before. And yes, the desire in the hearts got turned into reality when Kamala Harris was chosen as the first woman vice-president of the election.

She has become the first lady so far to become the vice-president of the country. The people thought that this was not less than any new morning of the country. Since this has been witnessed in the country for the first time, during such testing times, along with Kamala, Joe bidden has also emerged to be the President of the state of the United States of America after successfully defeating the former President Donald Trump.

This is one of the essential considerations which the people of America are keeping into accord before analyzing their decision in any form and manner. The people are proud that they have chosen the right candidate for the growth of the nation.

Kamala Harris is an institution in herself, in such situations, the main aim which should be taken into accord is the fact that the speech which has been given by this lady so far has been in the position to win the hearts of the maximum number of the people. The address was right that the people started feeling proud of themselves for having chosen this lady to become the first woman vice-president of the country.

She narrated that a new day of America has ushered because this is for the first time that the whites voted for the blacks and hence, are also happy on their victory. Kamala Harris is known to be a woman whose parents were of Indian Origin. This was the one who dared to defy the odds whichever came in her way.

Also, she has always been very vocal about the rights of the women and especially those women who have been a victim of racism and marginalization. Therefore, in such situations, she has managed to grow and prosper, and along with she has inspired many people to excel and grow in the best possible manner.

Therefore, in such situations, the care must be laid over the fact that she is having a wide catena of effects on her to the maximum possible extent. She highlighted the importance of the maintenance of the tenets of democracy and how they should be protected in a country like the United States of America. 

Furthermore, it should also be taken into the accord that these people have been in the position to provide for the fact that the change is the law of the nation. Therefore, during such directions, care must be taken to ensure that the voice of the people should be raised in the right direction and not in the order which goes a direct opposite to the factors which are already in existence. In such situations, she also highlighted the importance of avoiding the word Black and hence, treating everyone equally to the maximum possible extent.

Therefore, in such cases, the main focus of the population has been to provide for the utmost possible care. She also made an effort to discuss the terms of liberty and equality with the people of the country. She assured that she would try her level best to ensure the other generations that these tenets would never be sacrificed for any reason and at any cost. The people are also providing for the fact that the main aim of the people is to safeguard themselves from any negativity and pessimism and hence, believe in the idea of justice.

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