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The Issue Of Voter Fraud Will Bring Joe And Trump Face To Face

The debate that will be held on Tuesday night will focus on Trump and his talks about election fraud. Now with Biden and his questions aiming straight on Trump and making him feel guilty, he does not have anything to talk about. The only thing that can bring him in the limelight for some time will be his blames about voter fraud.

The issue of voter fraud will bring Joe and trump face to face

There are a lot of things that Trump can talk about, but the major issue he wants to be solved in voter fraud. He is, again and again, pointing towards the ballots found in Pennsylvania. Still, the officials have said that there is no such thing as electoral fraud and that Trump is only making up things to save himself. The legitimacy of the election in the first presidential debate between Trump and Biden is one of six topics. Trump’s messaging at the debate would be straightforward, a source close to the campaign said, and that the campaign aims to amplify any case of election fraud or alleged voter fraud, even if it’s murky. Even one case of bribery is too much, and honesty is one of the most valuable qualities in a democracy, Trump would say.

According to the author, Trump also plans to run down the laundry list of things he has done to solidify electoral stability. He will address questions about a smooth transition by claiming that he doesn’t want to fail, and neither does he expects that he will fail. Trump is all set to be the President again and said that he even has his speech ready to address the nation from the stage as the re-elected President.  Trump was always against the mail-in voting and was never comfortable with them. But in the pandemic times when it is difficult for everyone to reach the polling booths, this method was considered one of the best by the government.

Trump also tried to bring in other points to help him start with the debate, but everything was of no use. The electoral fraud is not there, and there is no such thing. One of the officials also said that Trump is making stories to divert the people’s attention from him and his careless attitude to other useless topics. But the instances mentioned by Trump on Sunday illustrate how the President makes deceptive and sometimes entirely inaccurate statements of voting-related abuse, wrongly ties the rejection of mail-in ballots to abuse, and exaggerates the importance of single events containing issues with small ballot numbers.

Trump said Sunday; We’ve got a huge challenge because you see it every day, you see it happening with ballots every day. When the votes and the system are rigged — which it is, clearly it is — then the only one who understands that the Democrats are better than me is the public. Critics of Trump warn his relentless attacks on mail-in ballots to weaken the legitimacy of the ballot, sowing skepticism about the outcome of the election among his followers. New York saw more than 25% of the mail-in ballots as invalid. On the problems New York faced in the primary, including delays in collecting mail-in ballots, Trump has regularly harped on. More than 84,000 absentee ballots were invalidated in New York City in New York’s June primary. There was extended mail-in voting due to the coronavirus pandemic. That accounted for about 21% of all the ballots obtained by the Board of Elections of the City, Sen. Brad Hoylman of New York State said during a press conference on August 31.

For the forthcoming November election, Hoylman called for the state legislature to pass a bill that would authorize the New York State Board of Elections to introduce mail-in ballot drop boxes. But when they came late or without an email postmark, many of these votes were invalidated. Others were disqualified because the information was unavailable — not because of theft. Trump has been bringing this issue again in public. Still, the officials had clarified that no information made the ballots go invalid, and it had no connection to any theft. Trump also pointed towards New Jersey but was still not able to prove anything. During the election, four people, including a city councilman, were charged with illegal activity concerning mail-in ballots. As a candidate, the city council member reportedly breached voting rules by contacting one or more city residents where he was campaigning and, according to the release, gathering their approved mail-in ballots.

New Jersey requires a “bearer” to gather ballots for up to three persons and send them to the county election board. A nominee is never qualified to be a bearer in the election. Two of the accused reportedly ignored this or a related provision. Another point of concern for Trump was Iowa. Trump has consistently referred to concerns surrounding this year’s Iowa caucuses to knock the Democrats down. This year, the Democratic caucuses were riddled with issues — votes were postponed for hours amid issues with a new app to gather data and crowded phone lines. But in the Iowa caucuses, where individuals enter and collectively congregate in groups that support their favorite candidate, the method of voting is just as far apart from mail-in ballots as you can be.

There are no state elections run by either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party — chief election officers do. And as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, both Republican and Democratic State Secretaries have worked to make it possible for voters to cast a ballot by mail. He did not even leave North Carolina behind. In the middle of September, the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections sent two ballots to less than 500 absentee voters. In a statement, the North Carolina State Board of Elections reported that the mistake happened when an election worker missed labels on absentee return envelopes. Before the problem was found, some ballots with lost labels had already been mailed, the state election board stated.





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