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The New Mask Guidance For The Us

With the latest news of the new coronavirus variant i.e. the Delta variant, CDC has amended a new mask guideline for all the US people. Dr. Rochelle Walensky of the CDC has said that the new variant is much deadlier and is prone to spread faster than any variant. He also stated that the previous variant didn’t have the capacity to spread themselves from one vaccinated person to another person. However, the Delta variant can be spread from a vaccinated person as well which makes it more complicated and more fatal.

The New Mask Guidance For The Us

This information was found in the last several days and Walensky also added that the Delta variant spreads itself from vaccinated people as the other variants used to spread themselves from an unvaccinated person. It has also been noted that the most transmission of the virus is still from the majorly unvaccinated people across the country.

The New Mask Guidance For The Us

The CDC has urged all US citizens to wear masks even indoors as this is a very contagious situation. Even the fully vaccinated people are to wear masks at all times due to the variant spreading itself. With the Delta variant increasing its stronghold and spreading to all parts of the country this has caused many red flags though out the country. The CDC says as of Tuesday only 49% of the total population has been fully vaccinated which makes it a more grave concern. CDC is advising the citizen to wear masks to everyone at K-12 schools as well so as to be protected from the delta variant which is far more deadly than the previous ones.

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In the last week, the US has seen a total of 61000+ cases which is the highest in June of 2021, whereas the average number of cases in the US was roughly 11000. Around two-thirds of the US has been under the red flag where there is a high chance of people testing positive and are advised to wear masks indoors as well. Roughly 237 million people are said to be living in this red alert zone and are expected to maintain social distancing and wearing masks all the time so as to avoid a big breakout.

The US has seen a 170 percent cases jump in the last 2 weeks causing panic and a shortage of vaccines as well. The top 3 states having the most active cases are California, Texas, and Florida and are continuing up without any signs of resistance. This has lead to a huge worry as many of the anti-vapers have also been now infected and are causing mayhem.

According to the data given out by the CDC an average of covid 19 hospitalized cases have sprung up to 45 percent as compared to last week’s cases. An average of 5200 cases is being recorded for 7 days in hospitalization. 

According to researchers they are still skeptical of the mortality rate and advised that selective testing won’t be able to get this data. Scientists further explained that shielding won’t be as effective as it was in the first wave of covid and the patients are 5 times more likely to die after getting infected with the latest Delta variant of the covid.

The CDC is also hopeful as more than half of the adults have now been fully vaccinated this gives them a better chance against the vaccine if they fully oblige to the social distancing norms and keeping their masks on in this pandemic situation. CDC said it will give out more information as and when they acquire new data against the virus.

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