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The Nine Major Issues On Which Joe And Trump Will Debate

The elections are coming up, and the fight between the two contenders is getting strong. None of them is ready to take it lightly, and with the face to face debates coming up, Biden and Trump both are going to give it their best to reach out to the audience in a perfect way.

The nine major issues on which Joe and Trump will debate

The proposal by Biden to combat the pandemic involves giving all Americans free study. It calls for recruiting 100,000 individuals for nationwide contact-tracing, as well as growing trial locations for a drive-thru. He is also advising Trump to use the Defense Procurement Act to speed up health care workers’ procurement of safety devices, research materials, and other products.

Biden’s proposal provides measures to help companies and schools reopen, including funding resources for staff retention and rehiring, creating a school clearinghouse on best practices, and providing paid leave for those infected or caring for those with the coronavirus. The former vice president has said that, immediately after being proclaimed the winner of the presidential elections, he would contact Dr Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, to ask him to remain a member of the White House coronavirus task force. Biden said he would order anyone in the pub to wear a mask.

The White House created a task force in January as the coronavirus epidemic began, including Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and Dr Deborah Birx, coordinator of U.S. Government Activities to Fight HIV / AIDS. Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar called the coronavirus a public health emergency in the United States. In February, in an attempt to curb the epidemic, the U.S. began enforcing stringent travel prohibitions, including briefly restricting access to foreign nationals who had visited China in the 14 days previous to their arrival in the U.S. Trump administration public health authorities have encouraged Americans to exercise social distancing and wear masks to slow the infection transmission. Still, Trump himself has been hesitant to wear a mask openly.

To this downside, Trump consistently downplayed the need to expand testing and told supporters during a June rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that the Covid 19 testing was ‘a double-edged sword.’ Still, he was not going to test it to that degree, and he said it is important to make masks mandatory across the country; but in July, he said he is ‘all masks’ and he ‘thinks the masks are fine.’ More cases are going to be identified. So I said to my team,’ Slow down the examination, please.’


To make individual insurance plans available on markets more competitive, Biden’s health proposal will significantly broaden Obamacare’s benefits. The proposal would also create a separate public alternative that individuals could choose from Medicare. We will have a public alternative to everything. Still, public option tells us that you will enter in the Medicaid Medicare system with a comparable program and not immediately drop 300 million people into Medicare, either with employer-based insurance or private insurance if you are in the trade, he said in July 2019. Biden has said the package could be preferred for people compensated for workplace insurance if they choose.

Trump said that he signed an Executive Order to cover Americans with circumstances currently in effect, even as Trump and the Republican politicians threaten to knock down the already protective universal care legislation. The second executive order orders Congress to enact medical billing regulations before the end of the year. Until lawmakers do, they would attempt to do that using executive or legislative regulation, Secretary of Health, Human Services, and Alex Azar. In planning for his election, Trump fought against the Affordable Care Act. Although the Republican-controlling parliament declined to dismantle the statute, Trump has taken a range of administrative actions to weaken it, which has increased Americans’ access to less secure and lucrative substitute policies.


Biden said the highest income tax rate would be up to 39.5% and the corporation tax rate would rise from 21% to 28%. Biden has proposed a cautious plan to use public procurement to improve productivity in renewable energy, infrastructure, and health. He has introduced additional tax credits for parents of children, older people, and people with disabilities. As part of a strategy to improve what his campaign calls the ‘caregiving economy,’ Biden said he is constructing tens of thousands of new childcare facilities. Biden’s climatic initiative also aimed at spurring millions of new jobs and concentrated on infrastructure. His climate strategy is part of a sequence of economic plans to launch a coronavirus-stricken economy.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic’s economic effects, Congress approved, and Trump signed the largest disaster relief bill in U.S. history on March 27. The nearly $ 2 trillion CARES Act stimulus package provided direct financial aid to Americans, among many other items. The $660 billion Paycheck Insurance Scheme, which offers small companies with forgivable debt if at least 75% of the funding goes into payroll costs, is a major portion of the stimulus plan.

Police Reform

Biden has said that he would not endorse calls to defund the force, which picked up steam following the Minnesota police murders of George Floyd and Kentucky’s Breonna Taylor, as well as others. Yet some of the ideals of the phrase’s supporters promote are endorsed by him.

Amid national demonstrations over institutional injustice and police violence in America, Trump has proclaimed himself the President of law and order. He also criticized attempts to defund police services and said that gratitude for their jobs was owed to the police. In June, in a bid to confront the uproar over police brutality, he signed an order to introduce modest changes, including a monitoring network that would allow localities to report reports on officers that have been discharged or alleged in court to have used unnecessary force.

Gun law

Biden has confirmed that if successful, he would push to outlaw so-called assault weapons. Biden, who helped lead the campaign to outlaw assault weapons in the 1990s, wrote in an op-ed in the New York Times that the United States has a massive gun issue. Those assault weapons, which he described as military-style arms built to shoot rapidly,are a hazard to Our national security. Trump has promised action, including expanding background checks on gun crime. But the specifics were unclear, and he repeatedly pointed to mental wellbeing and hatred as the root problems.


For illegal immigrants, Biden advocates a road to citizenship. He has also called for Congress to give citizenship automatically to certain undocumented people brought as kids to the U.S. At the first presidential Democratic debate in June, Biden said undocumented immigrants with no criminal backgrounds need not be deported.

Trump suggested the building of a wall along the US-Mexico border. As President, he has made it a tenet of his immigration policies. Since assuming office, he signed an executive order banning for 90 days the admission of persons from various Muslim-majority countries; before it was upheld, the ban went through multiple variations in arbitration.


Biden also outlined an education package that will boost school spending in low-income communities, help teachers pay off student debt, and reduce the number of school-based health practitioners. As President, Trump has promised to repair student loan debt. In November 2019, as driven by executive order, the Department of Education issued new statistics on graduates’ income and debt rate to help students make more educated borrowing choices when selecting schools.

Foreign relations

The main point in Biden’s presidential campaign is that from his eight years working in the White House and touring the globe as a member of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, the former Vice President has vast foreign policy expertise. Trump has made various disruptive trade decisions, including raising sanctions on partners such as the European Union. Trump has also engaged with China in a two-year trade war, imposing an escalating array of retaliatory tariffs that have affected American farmers, importers, and suppliers.


Biden demanded that $2 trillion being spent in renewable power programs over a four-year cycle in July 2020 to end carbon emissions from power plants by 2035. Biden called the challenge faced by climate change a once-in-a-lifetime chance to jolt new life into our economy in a speech outlining the initiative. A big setback to the global solution to the climate crisis was Trump’s decision to remove the United States from the Paris climate agreement — a historic 2015 compromise on global warming goals.


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