The Number Of Virus Deaths In Russia Has Broken Record For Third Time

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 7, 2021

On Tuesday, the number of coronavirus deaths in Russia reached a new high for the third time this month, and the number of new infections surpassed 25,000 per day for the second time in as many days.

The increase comes as immunization rates in the country continue to stagnate and the government refuses to impose challenging constraints to stem the spread of the virus.

The Number Of Virus Deaths In Russia Has Broken Record For Third Time

Russia’s official coronavirus task force reported 25,110 fresh confirmed cases and 895 new fatalities on Tuesday, the highest daily death toll in the country’s ongoing coronavirus epidemic.

This month, there have been new fatality records every other day: its previous record, which had 890 deaths, was set on Sunday, and one before that, which had 887 deaths, was set on Friday, and so on.

However, although the Kremlin has stated that the situation is alarming, it has indicated that it is not contemplating a national shutdown or any other widespread measures.

The Number Of Virus Deaths In Russia Has Broken Record For Third Time

People who have barely recovered with COVID-19 or who have tested negative within the last 72 hours have been denied entry to specific public venues, including theatres, cinemas, restaurants, and bars in a number of Russian regions. However, some opponents believe that these restrictions are insufficient to stem the tide of immigration. In other parts of the nation, such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, life has mostly returned to normal, with companies continuing to operate as usual and mask requirements being very lightly adhered to. Between now and then, Russia’s enormous but badly underfunded healthcare system has begun to show symptoms of being overrun by the epidemic.

A frantic ambulance crew in the Russian city of Vladimir, 180 kilometers (approximately 110 miles) east of Moscow, drove a COVID-19 victim to a local authority building after failing to locate a hospital bed for her, according to reports in the country’s media.

Officials have blamed the poor vaccination uptake. Approximately 33.5 percent of Russia’s 146 million people had gotten at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccination as of last week, with just 27.4 percent had received a complete dose of the vaccine. Russian presidential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov explained the sluggish progress of the immunization program by saying that “an inadequately aggressive campaign emphasizing that there are no alternatives” to vaccination had been launched.

Despite the rising number of illnesses, authorities in Moscow stated on Monday that the biggest vaccination site in the Russian capital, located in GostinyDvor, a massive exhibition space, will be closed to make room for “culture events” to be held there. City of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has announced that the city would begin providing free quick coronavirus testing in malls as well as government service centers. The number of new infections in the Russian capital on a daily basis has almost tripled in the last month, increasing from about 1,100 in September to over 4,000 this week. Russia’s coronavirus task force recorded total cases, and fatalities were more than 7.6 million confirmed illnesses and almost 212,000 deaths. 

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