The Pentagon Has Promised To Respond To The Governor Of The State

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 16, 2021

In response to Oklahoma’s Republican governor, the Pentagon said it would respond to the state’s National Guard’s suggestion that it would ignore an order from the Defense Department forcing troops to get the Covid-19 vaccine. This week, the Oklahoma National Guard’s new adjutant general published a letter in which he said that his organization would not enforce the Department of Defense’s vaccine mandate for its members. In August, the Pentagon mandated that all U.S. military personnel be vaccinated against Covid-19.

The Pentagon Has Promised To Respond To The Governor Of The State

Several Republican-led states and other groups have filed a lawsuit over the Biden administration’s requirement that federal contractors get immunizations. This announcement from Oklahoma comes at the same time. Another court decision on Friday affirmed its prior ruling that private businesses with more than 100 workers be compelled to vaccinate their personnel or impose testing requirements for those who don’t comply with the extra vaccination obligation. Around 100 million individuals in the United States will be affected by the two new laws that take effect in January.

The Pentagon Has Promised To Respond To The Governor Of The State

Oklahoma Adjutant General’s memo and Governor’s letter requesting exemption from COVID immunization for Guardsmen are well-known to them. “They’re going to do it correctly,” says Pentagon spokesman John Kirby. While Lloyd Austin believes that vaccinated troops are better prepared in the long term, he disagrees with this position. They ordered all military personnel, including the Guard, to be vaccinated against all infectious diseases. This includes the Guard, which contributes much to national security both at home and abroad. 

Army, The Oklahoma National Guard, has rejected the Defense Department’s mandate that all military members take the coronavirus vaccination and will enable personnel to opt-out of the program without penalties, according to a message from Brig. Gen. Thomas Mancino was acquired by television station KOKH-TV. According to the agreement, members must be vaccinated if they are to be mobilized nationally.

As a result of a letter from Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt to Secretary Austin earlier this month, all National Guard members in the state have been exposed to Covid-19 immunization requests.

More than 800 Oklahoma guardsmen aren’t expected to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine, as the study predicts. According to Stitt, 10% of the state’s entire police force is represented here. The federal government has behaved recklessly by requiring national guardsmen in Oklahoma to get vaccinated, which might restrict the number of people available to assist the state in the event of an emergency.

Appointed earlier this week by Gov. Stitt, Mancino is now the adjutant general of Oklahoma, a role he has held since 2012. In order for Mancino’s nomination to take effect, the Oklahoma State Senate must vote in favor of it. A few weeks before, Mike Thompson, the former adjutant general, had received a booster injection of the Covid-19 vaccine, which he had advocated for.

The media have contacted Stitt’s office and the Oklahoma National Guard to provide further information on this issue. Legislation passed into law earlier this year by Governor Stitt forbids schools from mandating that students wear face masks or get a vaccination unless explicitly authorized to do so.

According to an August letter from Army Secretary-General Lloyd Austin, he has been directed to promptly begin vaccination of all members of the Armed Forces and the Ready Reserve (including National Guard members). They have not yet been completely vaccinated.

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