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The Republicans Find It Risky In Opposing Biden’s Covid Bill

The Republican party is both very much divided and very less divided at the moment as it seems – in a way that doesn’t glide along the easy political paths.

On the topic related to the former President Donald Trump, the Grand Old Party is quite less divided as compared to a colourful House leadership as the news conference is making it seem.

This party still belongs to former President Donald Trump, as demonstrated by a meeting on Thursday. The CPAC gathering will begin in Florida. 

The question of President Joe Biden’s agenda has much more dissension among the GOP than it seems to the public. The first floor’s votes on Biden’s Covid-19 package will be happening in the House on Friday.

But the Republican opposition of the Congress doesn’t seem to align with the public polling which has been done on the topic.

At least for now, Biden and his Covid Plans are much more popular as compared to Trump and his opposing Covid relief among the public at large. But the lawmakers of the Republican party appear to fear a bigger political blowback in opposing Trump than voting a no on Biden’s Covid bills.

The Republicans Find It Risky In Opposing Biden’s Covid Bill

Republicans are putting more faith in the ability for defining the Covid bill. The House Leader of the Republicans, Kevin McCarthy, has called the bill a waste and ‘a wishlist from progressives’ against President Biden’s ability to do the same thing in the White house.

Party unity is quite easier to achieve when it is in opposition to the President’s post, and those huge price tags help. But it still requires some effort from the leader of the party.

The Republicans Find It Risky In Opposing Biden's Covid Bill

The fallout due to the weather crisis in Texas has severely put the state’s infrastructure problems under sharp scrutiny, but the political war of this is still a question mark somewhat.

In an interview, last month with a local radio show, the former congressmen and the 2020 former presidential candidate, Beto O’Rourke, stated that he was thinking about a possible run for governor in 2022.

Beto O’Rourke has then essentially pointed out through the social media platform against Gov. Greg Abbott in a string of tweets. He said that his stand on the second amendment won’t be accepted in the gubernatorial contest.

Now his re-entry into the into politics world, which he presents himself as a  local humanitarian from the quite dramatic contrast to the headlines of his endless political rival Sen. Ted Cruz’s Cancun vacation blunder. Some of the Texas democrats see this wide contrast as an opportunity.

They want to use this in their quest to turn over the political discourse in their favor. But at least one strategist in the Democratic party said they could aim for a much more closer goal post. He also said that there is a better political position for O’Rourke in the world of politics.

The candidates of the Democratic party of Texas are stating that it might take a decade to flip the government as they have never run and won in an election, as said by Colin Strother, who has worked in the campaign of Henry Cuellar in 2020.

Strother also said that he acknowledges that despite the star power of O’Rourke and his servant’s heart, he is much better in political organizing rather than having an office or a post.

The best that can be for Texas is using Beto in a Stacey Abrams-type role. Also, doing what Beto does like organizing, raising money, expressing the values well, and getting people wound up rather than focusing on the race to win.

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