The Shambala Secret Reviews – Is David Chandler Soundtracks Worth The Try?

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The Shambala Secret is a specially designed 22-minute manifestation program by David Chandler that uses audio tracks to reprogram your subconscious conductor and transform your life. Ranging from guided meditation to 3-Dimensional sound, Shambala Secret helps your brain to create new neural pathways and manipulate your reality. Subsequently, unlimited abundance and happiness flow into your life. The exciting bonus offers included in this program provide further guidance to manifestation. 

The Shambala Secret Reviews – A Proven Technique To Control Your Subconscious Mind!

This Shambala Secret review discusses the program in detail and analyzes its legitimacy. Read into the Shambala Secret review to see if this simple audio guide can bring abundance. 

The Shambala Secret Reviews
Program NameThe Shambala Secret
Main BenefitsIt helps you feel deeply connected to the core of your soul. 
CreatorDavid Chandler
SpecificationIt is an audio program
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is The Shambala Secret?

To put it short, the Shambala Secret uses sound waves to impact and influence your subconscious state and manifest desires into reality. The creator uses gamma wave sound tones to retrain the focus of your attention.

This brainwave state is expected to directly interact with the subconscious conductor and helps you efficiently direct your attention to positivity. Shambala Secret revolves around manipulating your subconscious and design the life you wish.

In addition to the established fundamentals of this manifestation guide, the creator included two new enhancements of 3 Dimensional soundwaves and subconscious messaging. 

The man behind The Shambala Secret

David Chandler who is perceived to be the creator of this program was faced with the sudden death of his wife and escaped to Antarctica to self-heal.

He was provided the knowledge of Shambala by a woman known to be Aria. Upon following the techniques as instructed, the creator was able to attain inner peace and completely transform his life. The successful results led him to design Shambala Secret to help others dealing with a life crisis. 

How the Shambala Secret help you?

The Shambala Secret is meant to help control your thoughts to attract positivity and prosperity. It helps divert your attention to the right energy and gain control of your life.

The varied soundtracks that generate positive energy in your brain interact with your subconscious conductor. These sound waves are said to have the same language as the conductor.

This aspect enables to reverse the phenomenon of mind-gravity that keeps your brain grounded to negativity. Therefore, you become fully in control of your subconscious activity.

Another fact to note is that your attention levels are always focused on the finite reality of your current experience. This is one of the main reasons why you keep encountering past experiences.

The Shambala Secret audio guide helps you prevent this action by redirecting your attention. As your brain becomes accustomed to these soothing and calming sounds, feelings of positivity and happiness are generated.

Your aura begins to develop into undeniable energy helping you to manifest wealth, health, and more. Within 5-9 days, you might be able to notice a series of happy changes in your life. 


The Shambala Secret benefits

  • It helps you feel deeply connected to the core of your soul. 
  • Your mind becomes trained to produce only positive thoughts and gets converted to reality. 
  • You begin to feel inner peace and attract a series of blessings. 
  • A boundless amount of energy pours into your body and drives you to reach your full potential. 
  • It replaces your anxiety and stress levels with a strong sense of self-esteem. 
  • It flourishes your relationships and brings positive people into your life. 
  • You develop true and deep love towards yourself. 

What’s inside the Shambala Secret?

There are 3 distinct audio phases in the Shambala Secret program,


This phase helps you make a smooth transition from your conscious to the subconscious operating system. This is where you are receiving the guided meditation, gamma waves, and 3 Dimensional auditory experiences.

These gamma wave audio tones are proven to direct your subconscious mind as well as bind the senses. During this process, your attention is being focused on the unlimited possibilities of life with your senses being bonded simultaneously.

This tricks your brain into thinking that you are currently living the life you wish. The 3D sound waves on the other hand stimulate new neural pathways inside the brain which helps you to experience a new reality.

As your subconscious conductor becomes familiar with these instructions of the brain, you transform your life entirely.


This is the most important part of the meditation process. Here your subconscious conductor is impacted by the guided meditation.

The subconscious mind is 500,000 times more powerful than the conscious mind. The gamma waves and 3D sound subvert the previous functioning of the conductor. This step helps you focus on the new reality. 


In this, your brain leaves the subliminal phase. The mediation guide helps you blend the subconscious realm with the conscious realm. Therefore, you become relaxed and alert to your thoughts. 

How to use the Shambala Secret?

Listen to the 22-minute Shambala Secret audio tracks every night before bed. You are required to practice this regularly for 9 days.

The creator offers a Power of 9 Guarantee as he is quite sure that you will receive the results within 9 days. Starting from the 5th day onwards, your finances double up along with a rapid flow of new opportunities. Additionally, your physical and mental health undergoes significant improvements. 

How is the Shambala Secret different from other manifestation programs?

One of the main reasons this program stands out from the rest is due to its ability to tackle the core of your unhappy life. The creator explains how attention creates reality.

This means that half of the time, your subconscious mind is responsible for each moment you go through, making it the conductor of attention.

Some of the top neuroscientists in the world confirm that the subconscious mind rules your life decisions 95 to 99% of the time. This is why most manifestation guides and rituals fail to provide the desired benefits.

Your subconscious mind remains focused on the things that you lack instead of the outcomes you want. Consequently, this action limits the desired experience of your reality.

Based on various Shambala Secret reviews, this is specifically aiming to change the music your subconscious mind plays. Thus you receive the exact results you wanted, which are peace, joy, wealth, etc. 

Pros and cons of the Shambala Secret


  • Facilitates desired results in as little as 9 days. 
  • Handles the root cause of your negative thoughts. 
  • Teaches you to perform the right method of manifestation. 
  • Gives you the power to manipulate your subconscious mind. 
  • Allows you to access the audio anytime anywhere. 
  • Provides a meaningful experience and gives you a feeling of purpose. 
  • Helps you get rid of the pattern of negative events in your life.  
  • 365 Day Money Back Guarantee protects your payment and allows a long-term trial. 


  • Individual results might vary.
The Shambala Secret Customer Reviews

The Shambala Secret bonuses

3 exciting bonuses are provided with the Shambala Secret program-

  • The Healing Wind: This is a quick guide that you can immediately use whenever you are feeling heavy or low. Within 11 minutes, you can experience the effects of The Healing Wind. 
  • The Sleeping Ocean: This one provides calming sounds of the ocean and the Tibetan waves to have a better sleep. In 22 minutes these sounds harmonize with your brain waves and enable you to relax quickly. Therefore, you wake up refreshed and energetic. 
  • The Golden Sunrise: This is a 5-minute track that stimulates the brainwaves to facilitate positivity and focus. In this, you will find morning waves 
The Shambala Secret Bonus

The Shambala Secret pricing & where to get it?

The Shambala Secret along with the 3 bonuses is rated at $39. After the payment process, you will be immediately redirected to their Member’s Arena.

From here, you can easily download the entire program onto the device of your choice. The product site also gives you a discount of $20 which allows you to buy Shambala Secret at $19, but only for a limited period.

The Shambala Secret money-back guarantee

Your purchase of the Shambala Secret program is protected by the iron-clad 365 Day Money Back Guarantee. In this way, you can continue using the Shambala Secret for a complete 12 months. At any point, if you are not satisfied with the results, email the manufacturer to get your refund within 24 hours.

The Shambala Secret Reviews – Final Verdict 

The Shambala Secret audio program is a unique method to create the life of your choice. As said in Shambala Secret reviews, the series of brainwave audio tracks involved in this program directs your brain to communicate with the subconscious mind. 

Contrary to the usual manifestation programs, the Shambala Secret controls your subconscious conductor through techniques that are proven by top scientists and physicists of the world.

By incorporating gamma waves and 3D sounds, this audio guide helps you get rid of all the negativity in your life. And instead, it is replaced by an overflow of energy, luxury, peace, etc within the shortest time.  

As per most of the Shambala Secret reviews, more than hundreds and thousands of people have experienced the effectiveness of this audio guide. The low price and long-term money-back guarantee provide a risk-free purchase as well.

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