The Situation In Texas Turning Grim As 2 Ers Temporarily Shut Down Due To A Surge In Covid-19 Patients

The fast spread of the delta coronavirus variant has now affected hospitals nationwide, especially in Texas. Due to the surge in Covid-19 infections, the number of patients hospitalized is fast rising and this has led to hospitals becoming overcrowded. In Texas people are finding it hard to access healthcare at their nearest ERs and forced to go elsewhere in Greenville or Quinlan. 2 ERs in Texas have temporarily shut down amid the surge in the number of Covid-19 patients.

Situation In Texas Turning Grim As 2 Ers Temporarily Shut Down Due To A Surge In Covid-19 Patients

The number of patients hospitalized is rising especially in the south. Florida has reported 13% more hospitalizations than the peak in 2020 while some hospitals in Houstons are now short of beds. Louisiana has set a new record for Covid-19 hospitalizations this week. 

The Situation In Texas Turning Grim As 2 Ers Temporarily Shut Down Due To A Surge In Covid-19 Patients

Out of every 100000 people in the US, on average around 21 individuals are hospitalized. However, in Florida, this number is almost 65 which is almost thrice the national average. Even in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana, the number of hospitalized is around double the national average. 

The situation in the state of Arkansas is especially grim where Governor Asa Hutchinson informed that only 8 intensive care unit beds are available in the entire state. Based on the latest data received from Johns Hopkins, on average close to 514 patients are succumbing to Covid-19 daily.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most of the new cases in the country are unvaccinated. According to Michael Sweat of the Medical University of South Carolina, out of those hospitalized, close to 90% of patients are unvaccinated. 

Looking at the current numbers, health experts are cautioning that the US shall report more hospitalizations and deaths in the near future. Political leaders, governors, administration officials are all urging people to get vaccinated as quickly as possible. Wearing of masks has yet not been made mandatory, however, if the situation doesn’t improve in a few days, Virginia Governor Jim Justice has warned that fresh mandates including compulsory masks at public places would have to be in place. 

The silver lining is that vaccination rates have picked up over the last week in these states and are at their highest in weeks. At present, the US is averaging close to 486332 shots daily which is a rise of 10% over the previous week.

In this recent wave, it is observed that most badly affected at the young population and this has caused concerns amongst parents planning to send their kids to school in this new year. Based on health experts, in states where the spread of delta variant is rapidly rising, vaccine mandate for children between 12 and 17 could be necessary to attend schools this new year. It is believed that the opening of schools is going to be a major accelerant for the spread of the virus in the coming weeks. It is advised that if a child has any symptom of Covid-19, even coughing or sneezing, one should not send their child to school. 

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