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The Staff On Whe White House Is All Nervous And Anxious For COVID19

Trump could have done anything to win the elections but now has tested positive for coronavirus. White House staff sound insecure about President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump, a lady who checked Covid-19 favorably, a well-known source for White House operations told CNN Friday.

The staff on the White House is all nervous and anxious for COVID19

The household workers, who served for the first family, cook and clean, are quite cautious, but safe. The President will be suffering from COVID19 was just not expected. He was busy attending campaigns and also was a part of the debate with Biden. Some endless people have come in contact with him. It is impossible to trace them all and get them tested. A nationwide announcement is made that whosoever has been with Trump must stay alert and watch out for symptoms. God has forbidden if this turns out to be an outbreak, then America will be in a huge chaotic situation.

The President, when got the results positive this have made the staff of the White House anxious and worried about their own health. Trump is never seen wearing a mask and this has increased the chances of infection.Trump was never serious about the virus, and now he is suffering from the same. This will also affect the results of his election, and Biden now has the golden time to carry on with his campaigns.

Since the President declared on Twitter at almost 1:00 am, the first pair is in exile in the White House. ET Friday, he contracted the infection with the first lady. Usually, the White House household comprises  some 90 full-time staff, six butlers and eight ushers, numerous chefs, housekeepers, florist employees and other construction workers, and service workers in the 132-room, 55,000 square foot estate. In March, as the pandemic spread through the world, CNN announced that Melania Trump reduced the workforce’s size to only critical staff, sending the others home only as needed.

CNN announced that the first lady began to order all people to wear facial coverings and exercise social distance in early April. Early Friday morning, President Trump demonstrated that he and the first lady Melania Trump tested the coronavirus favorably, uncertainly throwing the nation’s leadership and intensification of the pandemic crisis, killing 207,000 Americans ravaged the economy. Mr. Trump, who has played the virus for months, said to the media hours before Thursday night that the pandemic was the end of sight, will be quarantined in the White House for a certain time for at least 32 days before the polls on the 3rd of November, causing him to retreat from the campaign trail temporarily.

The positive outcome of his test provided Mr. Trump with scarcely one month to Elections Day imminent obstacles for furthering his campaign against the former Democratic Designate, Joseph R. Biden Jr. While Mr. Trump, 74, is asymptomatic, he will spend more of his time on the campaign trail. When he gets ill, he may wonder if he should stay in the poll at all. While the White House did not specify how long Mr. Trump would have to stay alone, it did cancel his intentions to travel to Florida for a campaign rally Friday, stripping the official calendar of the day of the events except one midday’s phone call Covid-19 help for needy Seniors.

Even if Mr. Trump doesn’t get severely ill, it would have been a disastrous positive test for his political fortunes when the Epidemic was already debilitating and killing over 1000 Americans every day, considering his months of playing the pandemic. He has repeatedly stated that the epidemic “goes to die,” that it is under surveillance, and that the world “is around the corner” by the end of the crisis. He disregarded empirical recommendations and said they had been incorrect about the seriousness of the case. For months, he declined on all but a few times to wear a mask and constantly complained about the mask’s usefulness. And he ridiculed Mr. Biden for wearing it on Tuesday at their opening debate. The President said I wear no masks like him, his speech overflowing with scorn. He’s got a mask any time you see him.

Late Thursday night, the President said that after Hope Hicks had checked positively for the virus, he was expected to quarantine. The West Wing has been required to wear masks while the East Wing and White House residents have been lax in meeting hygiene orders and carrying face covers. From an economic advisor for the former White House, Kevin Hassett, told CNN’s Poppy Harlow Friday, adding that the West Wing is an ‘old structure’ with inadequate air conditioning and defective windows. The West Wing has no proper roof over the city, and if COVID is located in the West Wing, it will be the way many people have, he said.

A CNN official of the White House said Friday that the White House was monitoring communications with people with Trump and Hicks. During the processing of news from the President, First Lady, and Hicks’ positive test results, staff in the White House’s complex received separate orders for the job. One official at the White House told CNN the workers of max telework had advised us. The office of Vice President Mike Pence has re-established telework as the White House medical team checks and monitors. Because you need a confidential atmosphere to achieve your job, you should sit at home, the guide states.

However, several national security officers were also hoping for direction across the street from the West Side. The employees of the National Security Council, some of whom spend some time in the West Wing and work next to the President and his inner circle, had offered no advice or feedback if they should be checked or self-quarantined at 9 am. According to a single representative, ET Friday. Workers were contacted to hear of the President’s illness, but issued no official updates, except from public health. We’re all about telling ourselves, ‘ok, now what?’ CNN said the official. Additional improvements have been made to this tale.



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