The surge In Covid-19 Occurrences Make It Difficult For People

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 11, 2022

The cases on a daily basis are meeting a surge in the count. With this increase in the Covid-19 rate, there is no wonder even if it touches a million mark in the coming days, said Dr. Anthony Fauci. When the second wave was hitting the country, there were only a few cases recorded for four months on the whole.

The surge In Covid-19 Occurrences Makes It Difficult For People

Also, the new metamorphosed variant Omicron is growing in number but with a milder infection potential to relieve a sigh. There is a hope that the Covid-19 cases might decline in the coming weeks but, it is only a prediction made by Dr. Fauci. The major thing to worry about is that the death rates are also strikingly high.

The surge In Covid-19 Occurrences Make It Difficult For People

As we all know the deadly virus doesn’t have partiality over normal people and famous personalities, reports show that the US representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been infected with the Covid-19. The point that she had been dosed with the booster vaccine is to be noted. She is currently being home quarantined and everyone is keeping fingers crossed for her betterment. 

It has been more than two years since the world has met with the pandemic. But still, the Coronavirus is not seeming to give up. It is also mutating at a quick pace to only add burden to the people and also to the government. Though the Omicron variant has lesser symptoms and fatal efficiency in comparison with other mutants, people are rushing toward hospitals in an increased digit.

There can be no predictions made at an earlier stage on when the cases will soar high and when they might go down. Staying all-time prepared for facing possible outcomes is the only solution. The normal functioning of the lives of every person has been adversely affected. The schedule planned by business people, professionals, and even normal workers and students is being hindered. As already the year 2020 has seen a downfall in the economy across the country, this year and that too the beginning of 2022 is kicking off to bring down the financial systems and economic markets. Further cruise ships at Royal Caribbean have been put to a halt due to the spread. 

Another group of three health experts suggests that it is high time higher authorities discuss which extent of Covid can be tolerable. When other flu viruses are said to be an effective cause of corona, the immune system of the body will never be able to withstand the power of its attack. Thus it must be the concern of politicians to address the issue. 

The amount of precaution and measures to be followed by the people in advance cannot be stressed more. With the humans themselves witnessing the danger behind the spread of the pandemic, it is wholly their responsibility to stay guarded. Proper wearing of masks and thoroughly washing hands, face and even taking a bath is advisable after returning home from public places. Administering prescribed doses of vaccine has been said to lower the impact of the virus attack.

Not only the health of the affected people is to be tensed about, but also the availability of essential commodities for both unaffected and infected people is to be considered. A well-known fact is that with the increasing contagion, the daily production of goods is disturbed. This has left the country with a shortage of testing kits. The scarcity of the same in the city of San Diego and San Francisco has limited the testing to only people with matching symptoms of the virus. 

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