The Survival Rate From Breast Cancer High With A Combination Of New Drugs

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 23, 2021

Breast cancer is one of the main concerns for women as it is quite life-threatening. It’s also known as trastuzumab deruxtecan keeps cancer in check and is thrice effective to the current trastuzumab emtansine (T-DM1). However, both of the mentioned drugs are said to be the second line of treatment against breast cancer.

The Survival Rate From Breast Cancer High With A Combination Of New Drugs

Dr. Sara Hurvitz says that around 20% of breast cancers are known as HER2-positive which means that there is a lot of protein – epidermal growth factor receptor 2 on the patient’s cell which makes cancer to be more aggressive. Currently, if a woman has breast cancer of HER2 then the anti-bodies for the same are given to the patient along with chemotherapy. However, if cancer becomes more aggressive or progresses then this medication is switched to T-DM` (Kadcyla) which has chemotherapy and trastuzumab.

The Survival Rate From Breast Cancer High With A Combination Of New Drugs

Hurvitz said that there is a new study wherein the T-DXd attaches itself to the protein i.e. the HER2 protein which blocks its growth and doesn’t allow cancer to become more aggressive and helps to deliver a good amount of chemotherapy directly to the cancer cells. This new study is being funded by AstraZeneca and Daiichi Sankyo Inc both of the companies that are the biggest manufactures of T-DXd.

A study conducted among 524 women with HER2-positive breast cancer who have been given T-DXd shows a 72% improvement when compared to the earlier T-DM1. With one year of data, 76% of the women who took T-DXd did not show cancer progressing and no big side effects as well. The same for T-DM1 is 34% wherein the women did not see cancer progressing. It was said that T-DXd has better results and probability as compared to T-DM1.

Hurvitz said that this is really good news as this helps progression-free survival time for a patient and they can switch their therapies if their current medication is not working. It has also been observed that the tumor shrank to about 80% in women who were taking T-DXd while women taking T-DM1 showed only 34% tumor shrinkage. Hurvitz said that the new drug is more effective on women whose breast cancer has reached their brains.

This research has been presented in the European Society for Medical Oncology. This is considered a preliminary post until it has been published in a peer-reviewed journal or article.

One of the main side effects of this is this new drug is the issue of interstitial lung disease wherein there is scarring of lung tissues. Hurvitz said that the risk is extremely low and cases of women who showed symptoms were all mild cases that were easily treatable. Many other doctors and researchers are keen on this drug as they see quite potential in this for the treatment of breast cancer.

Dr. Charles Shapiro a professor of hematology, medicine, and medical oncology said that the world is really bright for women with HER2 breast cancer. He also stated that this will give women a new hope against breast cancer and in the coming days this will be presented in front of a committee for a review wherein deep analysis of the medicine will be done by the industry experts as well as the FDA.

Dr. Hurvitz says that with the development in technology and medicine there will soon be better cures and probably help much more cancer patients at a faster pace. Once the medicine has been approved by a peer review committee then this can be administered to everyone.

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