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The Tax Returns Of Donald Trump Prove To Be The Reason Behind His Success

Trump can be a careless and a lawbreaker President, but some people love him. They follow him for the way he is and love him for the spontaneous attitude that does not care about anything and seems fearless. But, Trump also is a cheat, and he has been avoiding the taxes for many years. This thing might not go down well with his followers, but yes, Trump has been avoiding paying the taxes, and the reports suggest that this is the reason behind his success.

The tax returns of Donald Trump prove to be the reason behind his success

The business tycoon knows how to manipulate and fiddle with numbers. When he placed his bid for the presidential position, he said that being a young man, he used to tell his father that he wants to go to Manhattan and make buildings and now has been into building the best all across. But this is not what makes him rich and successful. It is because Trump is known as a brand that companies would love to market with. One of the crucial things about this is that Trump is also involved in avoiding taxes and not paying them. One of the reports has stated that for nearly two decades, Trump has not paid his tax. Trump, on the other hand, has refused to show his tax statements to the public. He has become the first President to do so after the post-Watergate times.

When the reports are studied in a detailed manner, they state that Trump has earned around $197 million directly. He has also been given a whopping amount of $230 million because of his brand. Now the numbers are seriously not at all small. The brands are interested in him and love to make him a part of their name. The goodwill or the following that Trump has is nowhere going to go down. Hence, leading names in the industry love to market their brands, keeping a connection with Trump. The show’s huge ratings meant that everyone needed a slice of the Trump name, and he took the chance to rent it out. There was $500,000 to pitch Double Stuff Oreos, another half-million to sell Domino’s Pizza and $850,000 to promote detergent for washing.

There have been seven-figure licensing agreements in former Soviet republics and other emerging countries with hotel designers, some with murky histories. And in the TV version of Mr. Trump, some schemes abused misguided confidence, who, off-camera, peddled meaningless get-rich-quick nostrums like Donald Trump Path to Riches seminars that advertised initiation into the tricks and tactics that make Donald Trump a billionaire. All this is a part of the brands promoting and selling their products, and there is no doubt that Trump is a billionaire. Though he has a lot of debt on his head, still, you just cannot deny the fact that he has huge numbers invested in him and is thus enjoying a lavish life.\

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Trump has not made anything, and he is not even going to do so. But still, he is rich and is a brand, but that has not come to him in the way we all know. He has not been into building the skylines and golf courses. He is just the face behind them. He has purchased the licenses of the built-up things and pasted his name on them. Being a name in the industry and having a great reputation, the property’s cost automatically increases if it has the name Donald Trump related to it. Trump loves luxury, and he just loves to enjoy the lavish lifestyle. He wants everyone to talk about him, which is why he passes statements that keep him in the limelight. His clothes, shoes, hair, and everything you notice about him from top to toe have a huge investment behind it.

What Trump did to make his fortune was to market a lifestyle that many people saw as the culmination of the American dream — his jet, limousines everywhere, fancy ties, luxury gold(leaf) hotels everywhere. For several, Trump’s story was aspiring; he was what they wanted to be when they were growing up. With all your dreams come true, “Trump” became synonymous. And the companies were prepared to pay Trump for that. And he was more than happy to sell it, putting his name and face on, well, almost anything — from steaks to water to college to detergent washing. He has given the way of living a lavish and luxurious lifestyle that the top-notch people should enjoy. This has given him a positive image and has made him popular in the industry. With the times report that has been taking round all over the news channels stating that Trump has been avoiding paying the taxes, they now have come up with a detailed record of every single penny.

For the first time, every dollar is revealed: $8,768,330 paid to him by ACN, a multilevel marketing firm suspected of taking advantage of poor investors; $50,000 from the Lifetime channel for a ‘juicy night time soap’ that never materialized; $5,026 in short-lived mortgage business net income; and $15,286,244 from selling his name to a brand of mattresses. What’s surprising in ALL of this is that the picture and brand of Trump, which helped earn its namesake hundreds of millions of dollars, is and has always been founded on a financial house of cards, as the Times stories make clear. It was never really a thing about the aspiring success he and the labels that compensated him were offering.

Trump comes from a fortune he admitted that his father gave him a small $1 million loan to launch his professional life. He has benefited immensely from a tax refund of $72.9 million, which originated in 2010 and is now being investigated by the IRS. In 2012, he took out a $100 million mortgage on the Trump Tower commercial room. He had yet to pay off any principle — although the debt is expected to come due in 2022. Currently, according to the Times, Trump’s gross debt burden, half of which will come due any time in the coming four years, is $421 million. Though Trump has made the word luxury look real, there are still many things that he could have avoided, but the greed of a lavish life is going to put him in real trouble soon.



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