The U.S. Could Shutter The Embassy In Baghdad

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 1, 2020

The administration has reminded Iraqi leaders of its possibility of shutting the U.S. embassy in Baghdad on several occasions, as three U.S. officials told CNR if Iranian-supported militia-attacks against U.S. personnel in the country do not subside.

In the State Department on Monday, under Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Mr. Fareed Jasen, who met Iraq’s Ambassador to the USA, echoed his warning according to the sources familiar with the meeting, initially from Michael Pompeo’s message. The message was reaffirmed. The topic has also been discussed by U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, Matthew Tueller, and Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein, before the latter visited Iran the weekend.

The U.S. could shutter the embassy in Baghdad

It is clear that Iran and the U.S. have never had great relations, but they have always tried to bring an end to the war at the government level. But the officials have clearly said that it is not safe to stay in Iran as you can face an attack at any point in time. Also, there are speculations that the U.S. might pack up their embassy and leave the country. However, the officials have said that they are not going to leave like cowards. The menace of closing the embassy-the largest U.S. embassy in the area-shocked Iraqi officials, especially since it came after the country saw Washington last month as a success. The U.S. officials have said that in the coming weeks, the U.S. Administration will decide on the embassy’s state, and any changes will include Congress briefings. However, in the words of a former head of state department, who previously worked closely with Pompeo, some U.S. officials saw Pompeo threatening to shut down the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad as a lot of theatre and bluster. The State Department did not share the specifics of the diplomatic debates but acknowledged that they are continuing.

Our deepest concern is the protection and security of U.S. staff in Iraq, and we call on the Iraqi government to uphold its duty to protect diplomats under international law. If the government does not meet such obligations, the U.S. government will do whatever it takes to protect its citizens, spokesman for the State Department said on Tuesday. This is a frequent subject of conversation with Iraqi authorities. Still, we do not elaborate on internal discussions, our private talks with the Iraqi government, or our overall security position as a matter of strategy. After killing Iranian Commander Qasem Soleimani in a US Drone Strike in Baghdad in January, the U.S. / Iranian-supported forces in Iraq broke up tensions. An attack using a rockrt on the military base in Taji, Iraq, two Americans and a British national were killed, which one U.S. official said was possibly Iran’s operation. This attack was a subject for debate at Monday’s meeting of Hale and Yaseen. The Iraqi Ambassador said the attack showed that the Iraqis themselves, the person familiar to the meeting said, were not only targeted by the Americans and other foreign officials in Iraq.

But U.S. officials claim that the missile has been attacking a U.S. building, and as more of these attacks occur, it provides the opportunity for the militia to reach U.S. targets. Speaker Morgan Ortagus, the State Department, condemned the attack on Tuesday in a statement and called on Iraqi authorities to take urgent steps to keep the perpetrators responsible. We found out previously that the behavior of lawless militias funded by Iran remains the greatest threat to Iraq’s security, she said in a tweet. These militias pose an unnecessary risk to everyone in Iraq, from foreign officials to Iraqi activists. The first senior official said Pompeo probably stood at threatening to shut up the whole embassy to push Iraq to strengthen its security operation. That tensions are now on the horn because U.S. diplomats are more scared of being killed in Iraq in November in the run-up to the presidential election.

Iran knows that if the U.S. embassy is shut and plans to leave for the country, it will be the worst thing. The U.S. can start a war, and the Iranian military stands nowhere in front of the U.S. army. Hence it is the best thing for Iran to stop these foolish acts and maintain good relations with the nations else it will have to face many repercussions leading the future in the dark. Another senior official of the State Department pointed out that the 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya, on the U.S. mission, which caused four Americans’ death, is likely to evaluate the decision. They are concerned about a political environment against them – and in particular, you know, before the referendum, the official said. They are nervous. Although you, like Iranians, are aware that your beloved Quds Force Leader had blown up to the smithereens to get back to the Americans and to harm the President who bragged that Soleimani was dead, one way to do this is to show him that Soleimani was said to have died in the U.S., and what? It did not work. “It did not work.

The official ridiculed the idea that the United States was expected to close its diplomatic compound against attacks from Iranian militias in the Iraqi capital. We will not be running away in particular from Iran, the official said. They are not going to act like cowards and run from the situation. Both governments are trying hard to maintain peace, and it should not be the case that things worsen because of some notorious acts. The U.S. military will take strict actions, and if it is required, they will leave the country as the lives matter. If the US is forced to leave the country then Iran must stay prepared as the entire efforts of maintaining good results will come to an end and the after effects can be worse. The members who were killed because of the attack have raised alarms and it is going to  be the time that Iran stops it or sets ready to face the consequences.



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