The U.S. Secretory Is All Set The Visit Algeria

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 2, 2020

U.S. Secretary Mark Esper made a rare country visit to North Africa when he arrived on Thursday in Algeria and met with President Abdelmadjid Tebboune. My meeting with the president and military today was too nice. We are preparing to improve our cooperation in various ways, such as counter-terrorism, Esper said after leaving his meeting in the Algiers Presidential palace.

The U.S. secretory is all set the visit Algeria

The journey comes as the Trump administration attempts to counterattack Russia and China’s power in the region. Algeria is the nation where Russia and China are both active and play a crucial role. It is the country where the U.S. has never shown much interest because of violence and terrorism. With the elections coming up and the sudden visit of one of the highest post holders of the United States has been the talk to the times. If they are planning to fiddle with China and offer Algeria the support it needs to grow, this can be a cause of concern. The officer said that they are planning on talks with the President of Alegria to better their relations with the same. They are looking forward to maintaining friendly relations and put a full stop on the terrorism in the country. One of the things that might be the cause of the visit is that America is planning to get China boycott from all across the globe because of the virus spread from the country. It can also be the case the United States is planning to grow its arms business in the country and make allies outgrow its power.

The visit of Esper, the first by a U.S. Defense Secretary since 2006, forms part of a broader drive to strengthen relations with the North African nation just days after U.S. military top general oversight traveled to Algeria. We are looking forward to improving our relations with Algeria and building up our partnership and continuing our cooperation, said General Stephen Townsend, commander of the United States African Force, after meeting with Melbourne. According to the Stockholm International Peace Study Centre, Algeria is the world’s sixth-biggest importer of weapons, with a workforce of around 130,000, spending about six percent of its GDP on defense. Unlike Tunisia and Morocco, Algeria did not have anything to do with the U.S. military, two long-time American allies.

Algeria traditionally viewed the Soviet Union after its independence from France in the 1962 period and Russia later as a supplier of much of its military equipment. According to SIPRI, Moscow produced roughly 67 percent of exports from Algeria’s arms from 2015 to 2019. China ranked second in Algeria to supply 13 percent of Algeria’s military equipment and components. The Pentagon is seeking to improve with the visit of Esper’s relative lack of a security alliance between the United States and Algeria. The U.S. defense official said to CNN, and We don’t involve them too much because their links were to others. There is a risk that our bilateral relationship might be opened a little, the official said. Despite Algerian foreign investment legislation, China has also invested extensively in Algerian infrastructure, with Chinese companies helping construct the largest mosque of Africa in Algiers.

Esper spoke in a Wednesday’s speech in Tunisia about the Trump Administration’s intention to roll back the power of Russians and China in North Africa, accusing Peking and Moskow of predatory actions to overthrow African governments, erode national sovereignty, establish chaos, and use capital in the region. A security official said that the Pentagon claims that recent developments in Algeria, which included pro-democracy demonstrations that led to the ousting of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika of Octogenary for several years in 2019, a current administration, and changes to Algeria’s constitution have added to a condition that allows for the extension of the United States’ ties with Algeria.

A new constitutional amendment would allow Algerian troops to be sent outside the country for the first time to take part in training or to engage in U.N. training exercises. Improvement in U.S. leaders, or missions led by the African Union, indicates that Algiers’ commitment to contribute to regional peace is encouraging. However, opponents of the present Algerian government continue to demand reforms in their relationship with the United States, especially about freedom of the media and political rights. Many demonstrators claim that the proposed constitution is not fulfilled with a promise to boycott the draught text in a November referendum. Still, American officials anticipate that referendum to be held.

During the 1980s, a year of civil war between Algerian Islamists and government forces led to the founding of a number of the region’s most influential militant organizations, including al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). The writer of AQIM, the native of Algeria AbdelmalekDroukdal, was killed in June with U.S. military intelligence assistance and the assistance of a French military raid in Mali. But there remain concerns about al-Qaeda and the ISIS-related organizations, particularly in Algeria’s southern neighbor to Mali where, amid attempts by a French-led regional counter-terrorism operation, extremists might operate. The U.S. officials voiced alarm about the further destabilization of the regional situation and the threats of the expanding al-Qaeda-related organizations, which contributed to the country’s civilian leaders’ ousting.

Following a previous U.S. downturn in the continent in 2018, Trump’s administration has contemplated further cuts to its counter-terrorism operations in Africa, including their assistance to French forces in the region. Yet representatives of the Pentagon point out that they have not taken definitive decisions. On his visits to Tunis and Algiers, Esper tackled the terrorist problem by urging nations to collaborate to counter the threat. In 2006 Donald Rumsfeld was the last Secretary of Defense to visit Algeria. The talks were for the betterment of both the countries and with the upcoming Presidential elections and sudden visit of one of the rank holders cannot be taken lightly. However, many have said that this is not the right time for Trump to give such orders and make these visits. There are a lot of others who are appreciating him.


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