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The US Might Offer COVID 19 Vaccination Booster Shots To The Elderly

Health experts worry that the weeks ahead are going to be tough for the country. The number of Coronavirus infections, fuelled by the Delta strain, is spreading at an alarming pace.

According to the Director of the National Institutes of Health, the surge caused by the Delta strain is unprecedented. And the country is heading through a tough time. This Sunday, the official announced that they will decide if they should offer a booster Coronavirus vaccine dose to its people. Those living in nursing homes will be given priority, healthcare professionals, and other vulnerable people. He also requested the unvaccinated to get their shots at the earliest. The surge of Delta variant is not showing any sign of slowing down.

The US Might Offer COVID 19 Vaccination Booster Shots To The Elderly

Federal Health agencies, in the meantime, are reviewing the number of new infections on a daily basis. They want to see if the country will need an extra dose of the vaccine to protect itself. They will make a decision in the matter positively by fall, they say. They are also monitoring the situation in the countries like Israel. Studies there suggested that vaccine-induced immunity waned among those who received their shots against the Coronavirus in January. And it is administering booster shots to those above 60 who had received vaccination before April.

The US Might Offer COVID 19 Vaccination Booster Shots To The Elderly

The US, till now, has not taken any decision in the matter. Studies here show that vaccine-induced immunity, from Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson last long. This applies even to the Delta variant. But authorities here expect that the time for a third dose may come. And they are preparing to handle such a possibility at the earliest.

Health officials and the general public alike are concerned that the vaccine-generated immunity may wane after a while. Besides, the Delta variant is proving to be a tough challenge to handle. This disastrous combination may warrant a booster dose of vaccine. It may begin with healthcare professionals.  The country can then extend it to other vulnerable people and to the elderly. Older people were the first to receive the vaccination at the time they became available.

The Delta surge began only this July. Thus the study of the cases of the coming 14 days is enough for the nation to decide with regard to booster shots, officials say.

Moderna, in the meantime, said that it is seeing certain numbers of breakthrough infections within six months of vaccination with its shot. The symptoms have not been fatal. Still, this warrants a booster dose, it observed.

In the previous week, the FDA had authorized the use of a booster dose of COVID 19 vaccination for those with weakened immunity. The agency decided in favor of it against the backdrop of the surge caused by the Delta variant. Immuno-compromised people who had received the two shots of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines are now eligible for a third dose.

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The daily average of new COVID 19 infections in the US at present is 129,000. This is a 700% rise from July. Even then, authorities expect it to skyrocket. It may even become 200000 new cases a day. This is more than what America witnessed during the worst time of the pandemic.

According to them, the only way to curb the virus is to get vaccinated. Up to 60% of the US population has received the first dose of the shot. More than 51% is fully protected against infection.

The Delta variant is rampaging particularly in the areas where the rate of vaccination is low.

Receive your shots at the earliest. The more the virus spreads, the more its chances of mutating increases.

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