The Video Formula Reviews – Techniques To Create Influential & Effective Videos?

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The Video Formula review covers a deeper insight into the currently trending online training program. The training program developed by Kevin Anson is said to contain a comprehensive range of information one needs to know before involving in video creation and marketing. It promises people to earn money with the help of the right kind of videos.

The Video Formula Reviews – Tricks & Tips To Make Results With The Video!

We all know that it is the time of technology and social media. Videos play a great role in influencing people of all age groups and interests.

So, learning to create videos that can help earn money is not a thing to be overlooked. This Video Formula review can be of help for those who need to know the secrets behind creating influential and effective videos. Let’s start!    

The Video Formula Reviews
Product NameThe Video Formula
Main BenefitsHelp people teach the basics of video creation and promotion.
DeveloperMr. Kevin Anson
SpecificationOnline Training program for video creation
Official WebsiteClick Here

About The Video Formula Program

The Video Formula is a digital training program by Kevin Anson that intends to help people teach the basics of video creation and promotion. The program includes proven tips, tricks, and hacks to create videos that outperform the competitors.

According to the creator, the program is already battle-tested by some of the popular marketers and influencers and has gained massive results.

The training program contains all the factors that the creator has analyzed and observed from his successful clients. He says that the techniques were tested again and again to ensure the best results for the participants. Keep reading The Video Formula review to find what the creator has in store for the participants.    

Who Created The Video Formula?

The Video Formula is developed by Mr. Kevin Anson, an experienced professional video creator. Kevin has experience of over 15 years of working as a video creator for Fortune 500 brands, including leading marketers and influencers in the industry.

He has spent much of his dedicated time observing, researching, studying, and tracking to find what makes videos work and flop. By the time he produced thousands of marketing videos, he could discover the 10 key ingredients that helped people make results from videos.

He combined these ingredients and tried on his own to find out that it can work magic! Using them, Kevin created The Video Formula, which has helped his clients from different industries.    

The Video Formula creator

How Does The Video Formula Help You?

The Video Formula can be helpful for anyone who wishes to be a digital marketer, online influencer, or entrepreneur. It can help you make a stronger and louder online presence among the target audience.

The program can also support people starting a career from scratch. As per The Video Formula reviews by satisfied customers, it has even helped many make double or triple the money they have spent for the program.

The Video Formula program can also help you learn a lot about marketing. And, for those who are struggling with a failing business in the pandemic, the program can also help them make money.    

The Video Formula results

Main Benefits of The Video Formula

The Video Formula is a comprehensive training program that offers many benefits to the participants:

???? Help learn the techniques of creating selling videos from scratch.

???? Teaches the tricks and tips to make results with the video.

???? Breaks down and teaches the technicalities involved in creating a video.

???? Help learn the ways to create videos that attract people.

???? Assists in understanding the mistakes made in creating videos.

???? Instructs how to be more visible and louder online.

???? How to make money from creating and publishing videos. 

What’s Included In The Video Formula?

Inside The Video Formula, you will find some of the interesting hacks and tips that help you create the best performing video and stand out in the competition. The Video Formula includes the following:

#1. The Video Formula Training

Inside the training session, the creator will be sharing 10 pivotal ingredients one needs to make the videos stay on top of the competition.

He says that just one of two of these ingredients alone can even make your video perform well. But, combining the 10 ingredients makes it a winning formula for you to power up the video and gain massive results.

It includes methods and hacks that have been tested and proven by even some of the top influencers and marketers. The training is meant to help you:

✔️ Get the video to reach more people.

✔️ Make viewers click and watch the whole video.

✔️ Drive viewers to interact with the video through like, comment, and share options.

✔️ Turn the viewers into customers. 

Video Formula Training

#2. Headline Hacks

No matter what the whole content of your video is, making people click on it is a big deal. This is where the right and strong headlines come into the picture.

Yes, the headline has got its power and it can make people click and watch your video. The Headline Hacks section is all about training you to create attractive headlines that can increase clicks and views. With the training, you are expected to learn:

✔️ How to touch the audience’s deepest desires and describe them well enough to attract them.

✔️ Generate curiosity through headlines that prompt them to click.

✔️ Make the audience feel check the video, even pausing what they do at the moment.

#3. How To Not Be Awkward On Camera

Many influencers don’t feel comfortable appearing in their videos. However, presenting yourself well in your videos is a great thing when it comes to earning the trust of the audience.

Most people are scared of showing themselves in the video. This training session is meant for them to help them become more comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

#4. Smartphone Video Hacks

There were times when you needed a premium camera and video equipment to get high-quality videos. Time and technology have changed, and it is now easier for anyone to record a high-quality video using a smartphone.

But, it is not about having the technology accessible. You need to know how to use it properly. The training session will include some interesting hacks to get better quality video using smartphones.   

Smartphone Video Hacks


#5. Scroll Stopping Hacks

Scrolling through social media feeds is one of the favorite pastimes of people these days. So, it is important that your video to don’t get sunk in the scrolling when you want to stay ahead of the competition.

The training session includes creative and crazy ideas to catch the attention of your audience and make them stop scrolling and click on your video. 

Scroll Stopping Hacks

The Video Formula program also includes a handful of bonuses, which will be explained later on.         

How Is The Video Formula Different From Other Training Programs?

Several things make The Video Formula unique from other video training programs on the internet today. Unlike the other video training programs, it is not about editing or creating your video.

The training program takes you through various aspects like human psychology, copywriting, and marketing, essential in video marketing.

The 60-minute training program contains what exactly one needs to include in their video to make it take over the competition and outperform.

According to the creator, The Video Formula is proven to work magic, as it contains information that he has learned over his years of experience.

Unlike some of the training programs out there, The Video Formula is not developed by a new kid on the block. All these make great differences.      

Merits And Demerits Of The Video Formula Program


  • Developed by an expert.
  • Learn ideas that can even be applied on websites, ads, social media, and blogs.
  • Exciting bonuses.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Money-back guarantee.


  • Only available on the official website.
  • Need internet access.
The Video Formula customer reviews

The Video Formula Price & Availability

The Video Formula training program is available only on the official website to purchase. The whole bundle of training materials, including the bonuses, can be bought at $97 and a small taxation charge.

Besides, the creator is also offering a 100% money-back guarantee on your purchase. After going through the whole training program, if you find it not useful for you, you can get a refund within 30 days of purchase. 

The Video Formula Bonuses

Apart from the price benefits and money-back guarantee, The Video Formula program package includes bonuses that can be highly beneficial for marketers. 

???? Bonus #1- Caption Hacks worth $97: The bonus helps you learn the technique of getting catchy captions for the videos to reduce the chance of bouncing and increase the opportunity to turn potential leads into customers.  

???? Bonus #2- Video Tech Resource Guide worth $197: The guide will include the creator’s favorite resources that help him in creating and editing videos.   

???? Bonus #3- Online Facebook Community: It will give you access to a private community of video creators and marketers, where you can share thoughts and clear doubts.

The Video Formula bonuses


The Video Formula Reviews – Is It Worth It?

As said before, hacks and tips to earn money while sitting on the couch at home should not be unnoticed, especially during this pandemic situation.

Reading The Video Formula review might have helped you have an abstract idea about the training program. However, to know it in real life, you will have to try The Video Formula program.

Besides being cost-effective, the program is said to be meant for anyone. With the 30 days money-back assurance, there is no risk involved in trying to learn something new!  


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