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The War Between Fauci And Trump As Trump Called Fauci a Disaster

Trump was never serious about the COVID 19. He was always against wearing masks and social distancing. He was never seen following the rules in all his campaigns and called it a Chinese virus with a short life span.

The War Between Fauci And Trump As Trump Called Fauci a Disaster

Even now, when he has contracted coronavirus, he is not ready to accept that it is important to take things seriously now.

On Monday, the following day after Fauci said in an interview that it was no shock for him when the President tested positive for COVID-19 because Trump frequently resisted the use of masks as a declaratory force, President Donald Trump blasted Dr. Anthony Fauci, government’s leading specialist in the field of infectious disease, as “disaster.” During a conference teleconference on Tuesday with his campaign team, Trump said that any time he goes on TV, Fauci drops a « bombs,» but if you shoot him, it will be « a greater bombshell.

Trump said the pandemic was not heard, and said to specialists in public health such as Fauci, who after 1984 served as the Head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, ‘just leave us alone.’ The President also tweeted Fauci later on Monday. A previous day in a CBS News interview, Fauci was asked about “60 minutes” if the President was amazed that coronavirus was contracted. “Not at all,” replied Fauci.

He said, referring to the White House rose garden case where Trump nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, “I was really worried that he was going to get ill when I saw him in an unsafe situation of packed – no separation between people with almost no one wearing a mask.” “When I looked at this on television, I thought, ‘Oh my god, nothing positive can come out there; it has to be a challenge.’ Nearly a dozen people are attending the ceremony of the 26th White House, including Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, Kayleigh McEnany, Kellyanne Conway, a former White House Advisor, and Chris Christie, Utah Sen. Mike Lee and Thom Tillis.

The interview for “60 Minutes” was not Fauci’s first time voicing concern about the President’s lack of social distance since the epidemic started. It was also not the first time that Trump had attacked the famous immunologist, who frequently contradicted his harsh forecasts about how he was handling the pandemic.

The value of wearing masks to combat infection transmission is not always apparent from one point of view. “Sometimes, wearing a mask is tantamount to weakness,” Fauci said, saying that his opinion was futile. However, he did not think it was generally in contrast to science that he did not want the President to wear a mask.

“He respects medicine; he knows deep down,” said Fauci. “When he didn’t, the very professional Walter Reed Army Medical Center doctors wouldn’t have entrusted his wellbeing.” Trump inquired freely about the efficacy and pointed out Fauci’s original suggestion for preventing them during the pandemic’s early days to reinforce his argument that their efficacy is commonly debated. But Fauci said on Sunday that “the masks work to avoid infection.” There was “no wonder.”

Fauci said that his early comments to people not to hurry and purchase masks were rooted in a dilemma about hospitals with a lack of surgical masks or N95 masks. Fauci said he needed “to relax once and for all” Studies have shown since then that masks are more powerful than he believed and that fabric covers are working to reduce the burden on the stock of masks, such as those used in hospitals.

‘It is a representation of your integrity to say,’ Oh, I was wrong, whether you think it to be wrong, I have made subsequent experiments. In another case in which the President misrepresented his position, Fauci said the Trump campaign had “stunned” one of his comments in an advertisement, suggesting Trump’s treatment of the pandemic. He thanked Trump.

“I don’t openly endorse, and I won’t promote any election candidate, and here I am, they stick me in a commercial campaign right in the center, and I thought it was outrageous. “I related to the difficult work of the task force, ‘God, we kicked out seven days a week, I do not believe we should have done anything more.'”Asked if the ad irritated him, Fauci replied, “That’s true.” “I’ve been ticked off so.” In his talk to reporters before a rally in Prescott, Arizona, Trump defended Fauci’s comment. He called Fauci a “very pretty guy” who likes to be on TV.

“Sometimes he tells stuff that’s a little wrong, and sadly, they are heating up,” said Trump. “I like him, but he’s called several bad calls.” He’s a beautiful person. When asked why he wasn’t firing Fauci, Trump said to the journalists, “I don’t want to. I just don’t want to hurt him. During the protest, Trump criticized “to listen to Dr.Fauci,” his democratic adversary Joe Biden.

“Yes,” tweeted Biden, addressing what CNN journalist Daniel Dale called the “latest line of attack” Trump. Biden also referred in a statement to Trump’s assaults on Fauci. “Coronavirus outbreaks surge across the whole world, but President Trump opted again today to target Dr.Fauci as a ‘disaster’ and called ‘idiotic’ public health experts instead of setting out a strategy to beat the virus or listening to their suggestions on how to save lives and redeploy our economy,” Biden said.

Biden was not the only Democrat to take advantage of Fauci’s critique of Trump as a lambaste for the Chairman for his coronavirus handling. “Twenty-twenty miles of American people have died, and illness rates have climbed in 43 countries. After using the words of Dr. Fauci misguidedly in an advertising commercial last week, Trump has now criticized Dr. Fauci as a ‘disaster.’ “We all know, Mr. President, who is the tragedy here.”

In addition to the condemnation of the President, Republican Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee also came to Fauci in defense. He represented six presidents, beginning with Ronald Reagan. If more Americans were to take his advice into account, we would have fewer COVID 19 incidents, and it would be healthy to return to the school and back to work and eat, “Alexander said in his speech.

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