The Wholesale Formula Review – A Comprehensive Review And Evaluation!

John Furrier | Last Updated : September 19, 2023

Welcome eager entrepreneur! You’re interested in The Wholesale Formula training program and want to build a profitable Amazon wholesale business. Well, you’ve come to the right place to get the inside scoop.

After digging into reviews from real-life users, here’s my honest take:

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Unemployment in America has been gradually increasing every year due to fierce competition. As the population and migrating people increase every year, the unemployment rate surges. The limited job opportunities and advanced qualification requirements have left many US adults out of employment.  At these hard times, revenue-generating strategies come as saviors for many of these people. One of the recently launched strategies is The Wholesale Formula. The program seems to be in precise detail and is taught by world-class professionals.

The Wholesale Formula

The Wholesale Formula will transform you from side hustler to full-time entrepreneur with its step-by-step training for launching a thriving Amazon store. Time to make money work for you!

– John Furrier

The Wholesale Formula reviews
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It offers groundbreaking teachings of reverse sourcing wholesale and guides the customers to produce passive income by selling the products directly from the owners


The Wholesale Formula Review – Insider Scoop!

Reports suggest that many US adults have enrolled in this webinar for the past few weeks. Despite its popularity, many people have been raising controversial thoughts about the formula.

For better clarity, we are drafting this Wholesale Formula review to determine the authenticity and legitimacy. As you read down you will find a detailed overview of the formula, how it works, benefits, creators, pros and cons, customer reviews, and many others. 

The Wholesale formula reviews
Program NameThe Wholesale formula
CreatorsDan Meadors and Dylan Frost
Main BenefitsThis program can be valuable to those constructing highly profitable Amazon Businesses.
CategoryOnline Money Making
Launch Date19th September 2023
  • Access to the Webinar
  • 19th September 2023 Only the members who have enrolled themselves for this program.
  • Bonuses
  • TWFAlumni The Business Owners PlaybookVA Launchpad
  • Price $2,997
    AvailabilityOnly through the official website
    Money-back guarantee30 days
    Official WebsiteClick Here

    What is The Wholesale Formula Wave Goodbye to Your 9-to-5 with TWF!

    The Wholesale Formula is a company started by Dan Meandors and Dyland Frost after discovering a new strategy “Reverse Source Wholesaling”. In this strategy there is no middleman to market the products. Customers can purchase products directly from the manufacturers for base prices in bulk and sell them on Amazon or other e-commerce platforms for cheaper rates so that everyone can afford them. 

    This unique formula enables individuals to earn for themselves by selling the products of other manufacturers. This formula can also be known as a form of affiliate marketing because it helps Amazon and the brand owner get exposure to the market. Moreover, individuals.

    This strategy helps the customers to purchase the products for a cheaper price. This leads to attracting more customers which makes the seller well-positioned to capitalize on additional sales and commissions. An estimated amount of more than a thousand dollars can be generated in a single day through this formula.

    This program is taught through webinars. The webinar sessions are held on various dates as per the number of individuals enrolled. Registration for the webinars can be made through the official website. This program comes with a money-back policy for those who do not want to continue the whole process. More details about the webinars can be found in the next part of the article. 

    How Does The Wholesale Formula Work?

    The wholesale formula works by three simple steps. The first step is scouting. This helps to find awesome products available in the market. After learning the program, it may help you easily find the product that is in high demand. Only choose products after analyzing it in detail about all the factors.

    The second step is to identify the potential brand owners and negotiate with them for a possible deal.  This process is quite tougher than it seems. It is hard to convince brand owners but this program has cracked the code to convince the potential buyers. One of the primary characteristics buyers look for is professionalism and trustworthiness, as well as they seek to add value to their brand.

    Once all the procedures are approved, you are ready to sell the products. Here it is said in the The Wholesale Formula review that with the help of Amazon, you don’t need to put effort into the manufacturing process, and packaging. All it requires is to keep track of the inventory.

    Wholesale formula program

    Course Overview: What Does The Wholesale Formula Offer?

    This Wholesale formula webinar offers distinctive learning approaches to unique marketing strategies. It covers different modules to educate the customers about this unique strategy. Following are the different prospects that are included in this program;

    Structured Learning – This Wholesale Formula offers organized content to learn about this strategy of marketing and eliminate the learning of unwanted topics in the business. This step-by-step module delivers a clear blueprint of the journey to success. 

    Expert guidance – The core team of this program is packaged with experts who are determined to offer firsthand knowledge and insights throughout the program. This may help to gain success in the business.

    Data-Driven Approach – Data learning measures are implemented for the research and analysis of the activities. It helps to reduce the risks associated with a blind approach to the market. This measure may assist in identifying profitable products and promote wise decision-making.

    Scalability – The comprehensive approach helps beginners to acknowledge the program thoroughly and also offers strategies for calling the established whole business. This is a valuable tool.

    Community Support – This platform allows learners to interact and seek advice from the community. The shared experiences help to develop a sense of community for those navigating challenges. 

    Amazon-Centric Strategies – This allows individuals to learn how to conveniently and effectively distribute their products through Amazon. It helps to acknowledge current market trends and fast-track sales and visibility. 


    This formula is easy to learn and apply to the field. Its primary role is to help generate more wealth by selling products. In doing so, it promotes many benefits compared to other jobs. Following are the benefits given below in the The Wholesale Formula review:

    • Less work pressure – It does not require keeping track of the manufacturing or packaging process, which reduces a load of stress. The individuals only need to monitor the inventory to ensure that the stock is available.
    • Higher potential income – At first, it requires an investment. But the investment cannot be even compared with the salaries you will receive at the end of the day. It is believed that more than $25,000 can be generated in monthly sales.
    • Improve self-esteem – Higher earnings can improve the morale of a person. As the world revolves around money, it can be a solution for several reasons. Therefore, solving our problems can heighten our self-esteem.

    Wholesale Formula 2023 Launch Date

    The Wholesale Formula webinar 2023 is set to take place in the coming days. As per the official website, the live webinar event is set to take place at 10;00 a.m. in Los Angeles on Tuesday, September 19. The creators of the program insist on subscribing before the limited slots are filled to secure a connection to the live program. Their journey began by investing a mere amount of $600, widening through multiple challenges that ultimately led them to uncover a simple yet revenue-generating technique.

    The Founders: Who Are Dan and Dylan?

    Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost are the masterminds behind this program. They created this Wholesale Formula from its roots in 2011. It was initially located in Kentucky. The Amazon sales enterprise stemmed into a big venture in the later years after discovering the breakthrough strategy ‘Reverse Source Breakthrough”. Following this, they accomplished a massive feat by earning more than $30 million in sales on Amazon. With the intention to publicize the formula, they were committed to sharing the formula with a broader audience. 

    This allows the individuals to participate in equipping these strategies to support their financial status. They transitioned the idea into promoting workshops so that maximum individuals learn how to use this strategy. Over the years several workshops have been installed to impact their formula and empower others to implement it. 

    Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost

    Who is The Wholesale Formula for?

    The intended audience of the formula is those who would like to stabilize their financial status. This webinar can be attended by anyone who requires it. There are no age or gender restrictions implemented for this program, The creators want to deliver the resources to audiences from diverse backgrounds.

    This program can be valuable to those constructing highly profitable Amazon Businesses. It will help to learn the advantages and drawbacks as well as methods to implement while conducting such a business. Customers who are fresh to this field can employ these strategies without prior experience. 

    This program is highly effective for improving overall financial dealings. The individuals who are graduating can also benefit from the program to lead a stress-free life after accomplishing financial stability. 

    Pros and Cons of The Wholesale Formula amazon

    In this section, we will explore some of the pros and cons of this formula:


    • Guided by experts
    • Well-oriented and structured course
    • Includes various bonuses
    • Several learning methods
    • One-on-one training from creators
    • Backed by a money-back policy


    • Expensive
    • Requires initial investment
    • Not suitable for those who want to get rich quickly

    How does The Wholesale Formula help you make money?

    The Wholesale Formula amazon FBA course comes with numerous measures that are capable of attracting potential revenues. The formula aids in generating revenue with the following steps:

    Direct interaction with Brand Owners – Direct connections with brand owners may help to obtain secure and better prices for products. This enables us to offer competitive rates on Amazon. 

    Eliminating Middlemen – A middleman in a sale may contribute to unwanted losses for the company. This Wholesale Formula eliminates the concept of middlemen. This reduction in the supply helps to generate higher profits in scale when you are dealing directly with the source. 

    Exclusively and Higher Margins – Working closely with the brand owners helps you to avail more exclusive offers for the products. This can lead to earning 100% of the sales and obtaining significant commissions and profits.

    Access to High-Demand Products – This strategy demands access to the products that have high demands on these platforms. Products that are in high demand often sell in large volumes, allowing them to accomplish a steady stream of income.

    Competitive Advantage – A better pricing strategy and high-demand products may help to gain a positive advantage over the competitive market.

    Long-Term Passive Income – Consistent collaboration and effectiveness in the market help to maintain the stream of income. With this, individuals can stabilize a passive source of income.

    Should you join The Wholesale Formula? 

    Yes, you should definitely join the webinar conducted by the Wholesale Formula. This program helps to gain deep insights on Amazon selling techniques where anyone can generate profits by becoming a direct seller. This helps to gain a passive income for the individuals who are struggling to balance their financial dealings.

    This program may acknowledge you with additional unique techniques that are proven by business experts to be effective in online marketing. In addition, this program will help to improve confidence and self-esteem which may also contribute to generating good connections with customers all over the world.

    Wholesale Formula Alternatives

    Another alternative for this Wholesale Formula is the recently released, Profit Singularity breakthrough which offers advanced masterclass and AI learning. Its concept is based on increasing buyer traffic within TikTok and YouTube.  This is an eight-week course that includes training, PDF guides, AI tools, and other affiliate marketing tools. It is effective for both beginner and advanced users. Individuals can have higher potential incomes with this latest AI-based marketing.

    There is nothing better than this in the market. However, the Wholesale Formula digital program is also effective in generating potential reviews for individuals. AI-based learning may be advanced but the Reverse sourcing wholesale technique is a smooth process to find potential clients as well as legitimate brand owners.

    The Wholesale Formula Reddit

    What is Reverse Sourcing Wholesale?

    Reverse sourcing is the opposite of traditional sourcing. In reverse sourcing, the buyer often finds a supplier who produces an already-existing product. This way the buyer can find the top-source products from reputable suppliers.  

    This new e-commerce enables individuals to purchase products directly from their brand owners at lower prices and eliminates the middlemen, to sell the products through Amazon for a much more profitable price for both parties. This allows them to save the commissions that are paid to the middlemen. In this way, more profits can be generated by the sellers, and customers can purchase for cheaper rates.  

    Reverse Sourcing techniques can increase the efficiency of selling the products in a limited time with limited resources. This technique can help to identify and choose the products which are proven to be high in demand.

    The Wholesale Formula Reddit

    On Reddit, this program has received interesting responses. Many customers have claimed to have significant life changes after completing the formula. People who have done this formula a year back are now thriving with this business. So much about reverse sourcing wholesale marketing can be learned by enrolling in this program.

    At the same time, customers believe it requires motivation and dedication to pursue this program as it is not a quick way of earning money. The unsuccessful runs in the initial stage may lower self-esteem which can influence in a negative way. Therefore, it is important to keep your head on while doing business.

    Can Amazon FBA still be profitable in 2023?

    Yes, selling products on Amazon can be highly beneficial. By learning this reverse source selling anyone can find ultimate success in their life. It is a potentially profitable business model for any entrepreneur to consider. However, it comes with a lot of dedication and hard work. Individuals are required to carry a healthy dose of smart working and patience for the business to boom into success.

    the wholesale formula creators

    Is It Worth the Investment? Cost and Pricing Details?

    The Wholesale Formula Cost is only available for purchase on the official website. The creator of this unique technique provides the live webinar session through the official website. The invitation link for this live webinar can be accessed by clicking on the registration button given on the official website. Once the payment has been completed you will be given access to the first few modules following with the remaining modules and bonuses when it is released.

    The live webinar program is available in two purchase methods. The Wholesale Formula Payment Plan offers two deals which are given below:

    • 3-month plan –  Monthly payments of $997 only for the entire webinar program. Free cancellation after terminating the contract after 30 days.
    • Pay-In-Full plan – This is a single up-front payment of $2,997 only for the entire program.

    This program is backed with a strict 100% money-back guarantee. This refund policy is for those who do not get any benefits from attending the program. The manufacturer ensures a refund within 30 days of the original purchase. It can be any reason, the manufacturer guarantees to return all the money if customers reach the support team within 30 days of the original purchase.

    The Wholesale Formula Bonuses 

    • TWFAlumni – This is a specialized community on Facebook created for members enrolled in the course. Individuals are encouraged and motivated within this community. It allows the exploration of insights and a deeper understanding of this profit-making technique.
    • The Business Owners Playbook – This mini-course playbook is designed to empower with skills and ideas to help manage the business. Customers will obtain proficiency in negotiation, employee recruitment and other established efficient measures in the business
    • VA Launchpad – This is a comprehensive supplementary course that effectively harnesses Virtual assistance to explore various aspects of wholesale sourcing initiatives. This will help to discover more opportunities to spend time with families and friends.
    • TWF coaching – This is a coaching mentorship program that allows the Wholesale Formula team to directly offer coaching, mentorship, guidance, and actionable steps once every two weeks to ensure that you are filled with motivation to steer towards enduring success.

    Final Verdict: Should You Enroll in The Wholesale Formula?

    So far mentioned in the Wholesale Formula reviews, The Wholesale Formula is designed to find potential income sources for anyone. It offers groundbreaking teachings of reverse sourcing wholesale and guides the customers to produce passive income by selling the products directly from the owners. Despite all the learnings and ideas, this program only depends on the sheer dedication of the individuals.

    It is important for the users to be patient and motivated in the initial phase. The brand owners can be hard to identify considering various factors such as they seek loyal and trustworthy partners. Moreover, popularity is also important. Therefore, it requires us to build the bases on our own in order to attract more clients. With proper implementation, this program can significantly improve the overall situation of an individual.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Who should not use it?

    This program requires an initial investment. People who are not dedicated enough should not use their money for this.

    2. How long should I study?

    There is no durability for this. Each person’s learning capability varies from one another. Therefore learn productively to complete the course.

    3. Where can I find this?

    It is available on the official website. Individuals can enroll in the webinar for detailed insight regarding the product.

    4. Has the course changed over the years?

    Yes, it has been updated with real-life examples which helps to learn about the technique through experiences.

    5. Can I work on this from any location?

    Yes, you can sit in your house or travel around the world while working on it. We recommend you use third-party warehouses for better handling.

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