There Have Been 125,000 Cases Of Covid In Fully Vaccinated Americans

NBC News reports that 1,400 deaths have occurred among the 125,000 Americans who tested positive for Covid and who were fully vaccinated.

The 125,682 “breakthrough” cases found by NBC News represent about one out of every 1,300 people who have received full vaccination since January, or about .08 percent, of the 164.2 million-plus who have received full vaccination. Vaccinated people experience far fewer cases and deaths than unvaccinated people. The former Biden advisor on Covid estimated that the unvaccinated are responsible for 98 to 99 percent of all deaths.

However, the total number of breakthrough cases may be higher than 125,683, as nine states failed to provide data on these infections, including Pennsylvania and Missouri, in addition to 11, which includes Covid hotspot Florida, did not publish hospitalization and death figures. There was nothing about the number of deaths or hospitalizations in four states.

There Have Been 125,000 Cases Of Covid In Fully Vaccinated Americans

Vaccinated adults who show no symptoms of disease but have breakthrough cases may be excluded from the database entirely, say, officials.

It was an extremely rare occurrence, and not an indication of failure of the vaccine. Health officials continue to emphasize this. Minnesota’s Department of Health spokesperson Erin McHenry stated, “Our most recent updated data shows that 99.9% of Minnesotans who are fully vaccinated have not been affected.” There are very few cases of illness severe enough to require hospitalization, even among those very rare breakthrough cases.”

There Have Been 125,000 Cases Of Covid In Fully Vaccinated Americans

State officials said they couldn’t be certain whether the vaccinated people died from COVID-19 or another disease. Other states confirm this cause directly, including Louisiana, Washington state, Georgia, New Jersey, and Illinois: 32 deaths reported there directly linked to Covid-19.

In the elderly, there was a higher risk of serious cases of breakthrough, according to the data available. Among the 52 people who died in Washington state, 27 were thought to be nursing home residents, according to state data. A 73-year-old median age was the result of severe outcomes in Louisiana.

The number of breakthrough cases has accelerated in other states that publish such data, such as Utah. Utah recorded only 27 breakthrough cases out of 312 new cases on June 2, 2021. A total of 519 new cases were reported on July 26, and 94 of those were breakthrough cases.

From mid-July to Friday, the number of breakthrough cases that resulted in Covid-19-related deaths increased significantly from 17 to 42.

State officials in Oklahoma, where the cases are up 70%, broke down the data to show that the incidence of breakthrough was 160 times as high for residents who received Johnson & Johnson vaccines as opposed to 93 times for Moderna vaccines.

An incomplete set of data

We sought data from health agencies in 50 states and Washington, D.C., as the Centers for Disease Control have not issued updated numbers on breakthrough cases.

In a recent email to NBC News, CDC spokesperson Jasmine Reed said state and local health departments continue to report vaccine breakthrough cases to CDC to identify patterns or trends, but from May 1, the agency will focus instead on cases that result in hospitalization or death.

CDC reports that as of July 19, 5,914 fully vaccinated Americans had been hospitalized or died from Covid-19 but did not specify how many people were killed. According to NBC News, the number of people hospitalized and/or killed has already reached 7,300 in the 30 states that have submitted data.

Amid a declining breakthrough rate, state and federal officials are still trying to figure out why people do not report the results of at-home tests to health departments. Despite concerns that the number of breakthrough cases may be higher among the elderly and immunocompromised than was once believed, he says the vaccines remain effective. Compared to most flu vaccines, 70 percent is good, he said.

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According to state officials, some states, such as Missouri, track cases meticulously, while others do not maintain quality statewide data. State officials are only releasing partial data in other states.

In New York, for instance, certain breakthrough deaths are not publicly disclosed.

State officials warned that data may be incomplete even among states that closely monitor epidemics. Asymptomatic infected people who have been vaccinated are probably underrepresented in statistics.

Due to new evidence suggesting that people with Covid can transmit the virus to others who have been fully vaccinated, the CDC is now changing its tactics. According to former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, the government has failed to capture the full extent of the Covid outbreak. 

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