There Are Now New ‘side Effects’ Of Antibiotics When Given To Children

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 12, 2022

You probably might have been using Antibiotics as a preventive measure for avoiding bacterial infections. You all must be well aware of how strong antibiotics are and that’s the reason you have used them either for you or for your loved ones to kill bacteria and prevent infections. As much as antibiotics are not effective in killing viruses since they are effective in killing bacteria you might have used them for treating ear infections, sinus infections, sore throats, and even lung infections.

But what you have failed to observe is that as powerful as antibiotics are, they also pose a serious threat to your health. Instead of keeping your health safe, they might have harmful effects on your body. Medical experts have been doing research on how antibiotics adversely affect your health and they have recently reported that anyone who has used an antibiotic as an infant is more susceptible to a higher degree of risk at their adult stage. Antibiotics have the potential to harm your gut owing to their powerful nature. 

The Latest Side Effects Of Antibiotics For Children Are Gastrointestinal (Gut) Symptoms

Recently, the medical experts of Australia, specifically in Melbourne have stated antibiotics are the lead cause of poor gut health. This was reported after a series of experiments and test studies by medical experts in the country. The experts also reported any infant who has been exposed to antibiotics owing to their reduced weight or premature birth is in high danger of gut problems.

There Are Now New 'side Effects' Of Antibiotics When Given To Children

Tests were conducted on mice by exposing them to antibiotics at the time of their birth and it was observed that the mice were facing severe gut problems in addition to having an adverse impact on their microbiota and nervous system as a whole. This test was eye-opening to the entire medical field as it implied any human being who has been taking doses of antibiotics as a child will also experience long-lasting side effects as an adult.

One of these side effects is exposure to gastrointestinal issues. Gastrointestinal issues include irritation of bowel syndrome, constipation, frequent vomiting, and in extreme cases can also cause bleeding. This side effect can harm your lifestyle as a whole and change your dietary habits also as it takes a hit on your entire digestive system. Similar to the side effects mice experience, even humans are subject to the same situation. If you have consumed antibiotics at any stage of your life, you could be susceptible to a risk of having nervous disorders and gastrointestinal issues for a prolonged duration. 

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To get detailed information on the same experiment, the genders of the mice were examined to check which gender experienced increased side effects because of antibiotics. During this analysis, it was observed the gut transit duration for females was significantly longer than for male members and this meant the pace at which food was transmitted through the colon was significantly higher for women as compared to men. Both genders were prone to diarrhea at the same pace. 

Since most of the findings were based on the experiment made on the mice, the medical experts could not directly state humans will experience the same issues as the gut and other body parts of humans are vaguely different from that of mice. But since the experiment laid a basic foundation, research was being conducted based on the initial information obtained from the mice study, and the impact of antibiotics on humans was thoroughly examined, and differentiating symptoms of men and women were noted down.

The effect of antibiotics on the brain, heart, energy levels, and metabolism are also being analyzed by medical experts in recent times. 


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