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Things To Do upon Your Child’s Exposure To COVID 19 In School

One day, you receive that dreaded email from the school. Your child may have been exposed to COVID 19. You begin fearing for the lives of your family members. There is the possibility of anyone getting sick at any time. The requirement of quarantining for ten days adds up to your fears.

Things To Do upon Your Child’s Exposure To COVID 19 In School

How do you plan to handle the pressure? The answer is simple, through preparation. Here are the things health officials recommend that you do in such an instance:

Prepare now, don’t waste even a second

Set up a defense mechanism in place. Let your child’s potential caregivers know what you expect from them. Give the phone numbers of healthcare professionals and ambulance services in the instance of any untoward incident.

Things To Do upon Your Child’s Exposure To COVID 19 In School

See to it that a vaccinated person is the caretaker for your child. The person should be free from other commitments. If there is anyone 12 or older to receive the shot against Coronavirus, get vaccinated at the earliest.

Vaccination among children, at present, is moving at a slow pace. But this remains the most important tool for safety for both children and the elderly.

If you are a single parent, set up a network of support. It should include your friends, extended family, and healthcare professionals. This way, you make sure that things are running smoothly if you get quarantined along with your child.

Set up a separate bedroom

Your sick child should have a separate bedroom with a private bath in order to prevent the spread of the virus. Stock up on the means of entertainment you think your child needs. TV, books, games that you can play with your child on Skype are some of them. It should also contain the following:

  • Regular soap
  • Hand sanitizers; should contain 60% ethanol
  • A box of masks
  • Towels to cover up coughing and sneezing
  • Cleaning supplies both for your kitchen and for your child’s bedroom
  • Disinfectants

Go on your own to bring your child from school. Your car should have proper ventilation. If at all anyone is there with you, the person should wear a mask.

Stay inside your car. Ask someone else to take the child to you. At home, you should wait a day before starting the process of disinfection of your car. Viruses die in the heat and you minimize the amount of them by leaving it in the open.


In the past, vaccinated people were not required to wear a mask when interacting with infected people. The CDC recently changed its guidelines in this regard. It did that due to the Delta variant. If infected, this strain makes both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated spreaders of the virus.


If your child is fully vaccinated and asymptomatic, no quarantining is required. But get him tested within five days of exposure. The generally preferred mode of testing is PCR.  This, according to experts, offers the highest accuracy.

Fully vaccinated children are free to attend school even if exposed to COVID 19. They, however, should use face masks all the time.

Unvaccinated children, in the meantime, should quarantine for ten days if exposed to COVID 19. Its duration can be shortened if he is tested negative within five days of being exposed to the virus. In such an instance, it can be as short as one week. If unvaccinated, your child should stay away from others as much as possible.


Children, in general, display no symptoms when they get infected. The possibility of getting sick is higher for children with pre-existing health issues. And do not hesitate to contact 911 in the instance of shortness of breath or signs of oxygen deprivation.

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