Things To Know About The Beijing Games In 2022 Amidst Covid Rise

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 22, 2022

China is trying to create a bubble to accommodate Beijing Olympics. It is very evident from the strict contingency measures that are being taken by the government lately to deal with the Omicron threat looming above.

Things To Know About The Beijing Games In 2022 Amidst Covid Rise

China is making preparations to get international visitors in thousands at a time when the Omicron threat has rapidly surged across the world. 

Things To Know About The Beijing Games In 2022 Amidst Covid Rise

The long list of norms released by the Chinese Government says that all the athletes have to be vaccinated, or they should be ready to face a lengthy quarantine period. Moreover, they would have to take daily tests and wear masks at the same time. 

The Chinese Government has said that anyone who will test positive will be sent to isolation. The Beijing Olympics is all set to start by next month, with strict containment measures. The prevention protocols that have been devised, are much similar to the Tokyo Games held in the summers. 

It is evident from the fact, that China has maintained a zero-Covid policy from the very onset of the pandemic. The country has also gone to the extent of procuring containers made from metals to be placed outside the main cities as containment houses. In China, more than 20 million people are under lockdown. It is the case in six cities that are said to be so. 

It is very important to keep track of this bit of news now. The athletes, teams, staff members of the clubs and media have to be fully vaccinated before they arrive in Beijing.

They will be exempt from being sent to 21-days quarantine. The above set of travelers will have to be in the Games village and the other dedicated spots. Moreover, the said international visitors mentioned above would have to use their specialized transport. 

In the Tokyo Games, held in the summer, it was not mandatory for the athletes to be vaccinated. Participants, this time, have to be fully vaccinated in keeping with the vaccination norms of their country.

Moreover, the travelers need to show two negative tests before boarding their flights to Beijing. The tests have to be done from approved labs. 

If anyone tests positive, then the incumbent will be sent to quarantine. When the athletes arrive at the airports in China, they will be tested again, and their temperatures will be recorded.

The Olympics organizers recently stated that the process could take 45 minutes for each one. Moreover, a bus will be provided for the athletes to move around and reach the games village venue without hassles. 

They will first be put up in their designated accommodations, where they have to wait for six hours for the tests to arrive. Restrictions will be there on the interactions of the athletes with the local population.

Throat swabs of the participants will also be taken on a daily basis. Standard prevention measures are being taken, like ventilation of the rooms. 

Moreover, everybody involved will have to wear masks that are N95 equivalent or have a similar capacity. The same applies to indoor and outdoor areas as well. All dining halls, where the participants have their food, will have partitions so that there is zero contact. 

In elevators, where social distancing is not possible, the participants will be discouraged from talking. If any of the athletes test positive, they have to leave the venue and go to their mentioned accommodation. There, they can open their rooms for ventilation, but will not be able to step out. 

Athletes can also request fitness equipment for testing. Those who have two negative tests will be released, from isolation. Local fan attendance is under scrutiny at the moment, whereas overseas visitors will not be allowed. 

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