This Armored Worm Reveals The Origins Of Three Distinct Animal Groups

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 29, 2022

In one of the latest studies, a very preserved fossil that was once the body of a worm has been studied. It is important to study these creatures because they belonged to a different world, probably 518 million years ago. The development of this result has finally brought forward the different types of resemblance that this species can easily have with other types of living animals. 

The international body of scientists has been working on this research for a long time, and finally, they have got record-breaking results. The University of Oxford and the University of Great Britain have achieved the maximum contribution in this capacity. Now they will be able to study the entire structure of this particular animal and how the different features of the body overlap with the existing creatures that we have in this world after the passing of an era. 


This has been discovered in China. This Fossil was available near a group of organisms called tommotiids. This is probably an extinct group of Shell organisms, but few species of this creature can be discovered in grasslands and mushy lands of China. The name of the species is Wuffengella. It is probably an asymmetrical worm with a fleshy body and many flattened lobes. 

This Armored Worm Reveals The Origins Of Three Distinct Animal Groups

There are a lot of bristles and bundles, and these bundles usually help the organism in its movement. The bundles’ shape and size are also one of the most important pieces of evidence, making this creature look like an earthworm. The study results have been published in the famous journal of current biology. According to the finding, additional research would now be undertaken to ultimately determine its association with the existing number of animal kingdoms that we have after so many years of evolution.

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Purpose of the study

Different animal kingdoms have different characteristics according to which a link can be established with respect to which animal appeared first. Similarly, when it comes to studying the 30 major body plans of the different types of organisms that have been classified in phyla. The new features usually set a faster rate of evolution along with the animals categorized in the Cambrian exclusion dimension. 

This was probably an important event in history, according to which there was a mass extinction of a lot of species, and even today, scientists have not been able to calculate the different types of species that existed at that time. The features of this reptile are linked to the possibility that it belongs to this kind of extinction. But, credential evidence is required to substantiate this much better. In light of the available data, it cannot be confirmed with probability. 

What should be expected? 

There are different types of organisms with shells that remain attached to the sea floor. After evaluating the dichotomy of this animal, similar results can be expected because the underneath skin is distorted as if it was attached and then pulled off in a jerk. This was one of the most effective criteria that had to be analyzed over the period. 

The construction of the evolutionary trees using amino acid sequences also agrees with this finding that a specific group of organisms called brachiopods work and function in the same capacity, which is why similar results can be easily discovered. 


It can be concluded that the exact finding about species has not been determined. Still, it will be available anytime soon because this is the best type of criteria based on which the given aspect can be easily determined. It is probably useful over the period to stick by the given results so that the exact nature and the group to which the organism belongs can be determined with accuracy.

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