Threat To Unvaccinated Is Increasing, Amidst This US has Reached Biden’s First Shot Goal

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 4, 2021

The CDC has issued a warning to the general public as the COVID case rises, this shows COVID-19 is not really done causing harm. Also in the US, around 70 per cent of adults have been first-round vaccinated. This was announced by the White House on Monday. Joe Biden had set the target to reach by the 4th of July. The white house administration on Monday announced “Milestone Monday”. Cyrus Shahpar the COVID-19 director of government said the average seven-day vaccination had amped up to 32,000 first dose administration of the vaccine. This number was recorded as highest after Independence Day.

The sudden spike in Corona was termed as the pandemic of unvaccinated by the health care officials. This was the right observation because the areas that reported the highest COVID cases were the lowest vaccination rate. Nearly all hospitalizations were among those who denied getting vaccinated. Dr Rochelle Walensky, CDC director said communities that were fully vaccinated were comparatively doing well. Also, breakthrough infections among vaccinated were very few. She also said that day by day unvaccinated are at higher risk. Though we want the pandemic to be over soon and the world to heal, clearly pandemic is not done with us yet.

Threat To Unvaccinated Is Increasing, Amidst This US has Reached Biden’s First Shot Goal

The data from January 2021 showed the highest peak in COVID cases with almost 2,50,000 cases each day. Currently, this rate is dropped. Also, the US saw an average of 72,000 new COVID cases every day. This number was higher than the previous year surge. A state study published by Kaiser Foundation showed less than 1% of double vaccinated reported breakthrough infection. This percentage was 0.01% in Connecticut and only 0.9% in Oklahoma. More than 95% of cases were unvaccinated people getting hospitalized.

Threat To Unvaccinated Is Increasing, Amidst This US has Reached Biden’s First Shot Goal

The latest vaccination figures published by CDC showed that the demand for vaccines shot up by 28% from previous weeks. The new average per day vaccination is 673,185. A senior from the White House administration said that because of some reports published by few media channels the white house administration was under tremendous stress. They were worried that breakthrough cases may lead to large vaccination hesitancy among people.

Jeff Zients, White house coronavirus response coordinator said in June that country may require few more weeks to be at least partially vaccinated. There was still a huge reluctance in the age group of 18 and 26. Florida has become the current hotspot of COVID-19. Here there is an increase in young adult cases. Many teens who are eligible for vaccination reported they chose not to get vaccinated. This is a horrifying situation for the nation. There is a rise in paediatric hospitalizations.

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Miami Dade, the superintendent of the fourth largest school district has reportedly cancelled mask mandates. This was imposed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. All Schools in the country are set to reopen after the summer break. The expected reopening is on August 23rd. “Follow the Science” should be the motto of schools in mandating masks for their staff and students. According to the latest data by FHA (Florida Hospital Association), a highly transmissible delta variant is the cause of increased paediatric hospitalizations. Mary Mayhew has said that what we heard last year was a virus was mostly infecting the aged and those with pre-existing medical conditions. This is not true anymore. The virus has a new target this time, the unvaccinated young adults. These groups were healthy and never expected to get hospitalized.

Amidst this, the hospitals are facing staffing shortages. Recently Miami Jackson memorial added extra 58 ICU beds to withstand the sudden COVID-19 surge. Similarly, Mississippi and hospitals in Louisiana also reported adding new beds.

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