TikTok Viral Weight Loss Dance: Is It ‘Safe’ For You?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 18, 2022

You may be acquainted with the TikTok weight loss dance that is getting viral these days. From weight loss supplements to weight loss Zumba, trends are constantly popping over the internet that promotes fat loss in a wide variety of ways. Among these latest trends, the TikTok weight loss dance is the latest that hit the internet and grabbed millions of attention. 

Know The Facts About It!

The master brain behind the TikTok Viral weight loss dance is a TikToker, who is @janny14906. She claims that this weight loss exercise targets the fat deposited in the body.

TikTok Viral Weight Loss Dance

She also says that consistent practice of this weight loss dance will break down the fat deposits around the lower abdominal region of the human body. Practicing TikTok dance help tone the entire body. That said, studies are still going on to find whether there is any truth in the claim put forward by the creator of the TikTok Viral weight loss dance.

Most of you may still be thinking about this weight loss dance, right?

All you wanted to know maybe is whether this dance helps you lose weight. Will doing it daily helps you shed those extra pounds and give you a toned body? Will this actually come in the first place? And so on. Read on to understand everything about the TikTok Viral weight loss dance.

What Is The Tiktok Weight Loss Dance?

TikTok dance may seem pretty ridiculous, but the real intention behind putting forward these dance moves is to simultaneously lose weight and get back in shape.

The special moves included in this weight loss dance target unhealthy fats and break them down. This helps tone the abdominals, arms, and thighs which helps you look beautiful in shape. 

In the videos available, you could see the rhythmic movements of the arm and abdominal region. All these movements are either sidewise or are seen above the head. Along with these movements, the hips are moving in a way you perform crunches. These movements maintain a steady working of the whole body and thereby support healthy weight reduction. The high-tempo music upholds the dancers in a mental state that helps them keep doing the movements in a rhythmic manner. 

Anyway, the TikTok weight loss dance is keenly focused on cutting down abdominal fat and toning the entire body.

Does The Tiktok Weight Loss Dance Actually Work? 

Whatever the movements, continuously engaging in physical activities will undoubtedly burn calories. But, the claims from the creator of TikTok weight loss dance, she said that the dance movements specifically target the abdominal region that aids in losing weight seem not showcasing the truth.

Many studies have already proven the fact that targeting a particular region in the body does not benefit losing fat from other body parts which leads to the overall loss of weight.

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Exercising for an hour and eating whatever you want makes no sense when it comes to natural weight reduction. This kind of advice will definitely put people in trouble. That said, it does not mean that it wouldn’t be beneficial. Following a nutrition-rich diet and regular workout could work great on stubborn belly fat. A healthy lifestyle surely keeps those unhealthy fat deposits at bay and delivers you the desired results.

So, in general, as each body is unique, the overall result may vary from one to another. The effectiveness is still a big question as the claims lack proper scientific evidence. To date, it is tagged to be another TikTok weight loss trend that shines and fades as time flies. 

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